What We Played #428 – Pokémon Sword & Shield, Audica & Halo: Reach

It’s been a funny old week for me. I was away on Monday, went and played Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot on Tuesday, a game with zombies in it on Wednesday, and suddenly it’s the weekend again. It feels like I’ve barely touched any games (though I’ve obviously been to two game preview events that you’ll hear more about soon), though I played a spot of Steamworld Dig 2 while on trains and booted up Halo: Reach to play its opening half hour.

I’ll have to get some proper gaming done this weekend.

Nic B popped up first to answer the “What have you played?!” call, letting us know that he’s played a tonne of Pokémon. Joining him in Galar was Jason, though he’s mixed pocket monster hunting in with some Darksiders Genesis, which just released yesterday.

Aran played Mosaic and Lost Ember for review, both of which explore some interesting ideas with their narratives, and has decided to clear up some of his backlog by swinging into Spider-Man.

Also on the review path was Gamoc, who’s played some Golem and Last Labyrinth. Outside of that, he dipped into Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, God of War, and Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package. Can you guess which one of these fared worst? “You’d think dressing as Chun Li and killing zombies with a lightsaber wouldn’t get boring,” Gamoc said.

Yet another reviewer, Ade was playing Story of Gladiator – “Which is awesome even though the game hates me by repeatedly orchestrating my violent death” – and Where the Water Tastes Like Wine on console – “All I can tell you is that it’s a game” – and Tools Up! – “Which, although it sounds like a porno, is actually a really fun multiplayer co-op thingy.”

Keeping a few weeks in rotation this week, Jim’s main focus was Audica, which he enjoyed but felt paled in its inevitable comparison to Beat Saber. He also played a bunch of Star Wars Battlefront II, but now fears that he’s had enough of it, just as new content is about to drop…

Steve found himself as underwhelmed by Woven as he was whelmed by the excellent Shadow of the Colossus. As he mops up trophies, he said it’s “so atmospheric and infused with a melancholy rarely felt in games.”

It was a week of disappointment for Tuffcub, who decided The Sinking City simply isn’t for him, and has binned Control as well, finding the gameplay to be very “basic.” Ouch.

And finally, Dom’s been rather poorly this week and only managed to play about an hour of Halo: Reach and some Destiny 2 on Stadia, simply because it let him play in bed.

Get well soon, Dom!

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  1. I gave one of the PS+ titles a go (already got bored of Titanfall 2 years ago). The one where some motorbikes flail around madly because you’re riding them over lots of bumps and then you fall off or you get put halfway back around the track because you clipped a tiny bit off the track and it thinks you’re trying to take a shortcut. Yeah, it’s shit.

    That was after struggling with download speeds of <1Mbs. Turns out you really shouldn't let a PS4 connect to a Sky Q box instead of the router. And the setting to turn it off on the Sky box is well hidden and needs a secret code to access.

    And now I was just about to settle down for some more of Battlefield V, only to find it's got a 7GB update.

    I did, however, almost get to the end of Kingdom Hearts 3. There was an hour of cut-scenes with 3 battles that lasted a total of 5 minutes. Hopefully the next bit involves more battles. There was a fun battle against far too many enemies, so that's something. I thought your average musou game had a lot of enemies. I was wrong.

    That all sounds like a disappointing lack of gaming, doesn't it? Through no fault of my own. I did manage some PvZ:NotGW3 though. The update for that was smaller. Still liking the weekly challenges with their own special mode. Who doesn't like the Gnome Bomb?

  2. No time for other games as i’ve sunk my teeth into the xmas overtime campaign and that’ll keep me going right up to xmas eve. Just as well really as i’ve put my most desired new games on my xmas list so i can’t buy anything until i see what Santa brings.

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