Spellbreak is a magical Battle Royale coming to PS4 in early 2020

Spellbreak from developer Proletariat is hoping to spice up the Battle Royale genre when it heads to PlayStation 4 in 2020. Already available on PC, the game’s Closed Beta will spread to consoles early next year, with paid Founder Packs to gain access and start flinging spells around.

That’s right, Spellbreak is the Harry Potter of the Battle Royale world, giving you all manner of magical attacks to unleash on your rivals. The trailer showcases flying, fire blasts, electric shocks, rock flinging and plenty more as the characters battle for survival and victory.

It looks like an interesting new twist, but while the game will eventually be hoping to go free to play, the Founders Packs are fencing it off to start with. Over on PC, those are rather pricey, with the cheapest Mage Pack costing $49.99 – this includes access to the game’s test phases, exclusive in-game avatar and badge, and $35 worth of in-game currency. Then there’s the $79.99 Battlemage Pack and $119.99 Master Pack, with $60 and $150 of in-game currency respectively and their own cosmetics. That’s… still quite a lot to ask for early access in my opinion.

Anyway. Expect to hear more about this game soon.

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