Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Winter Festival grand prix starts tomorrow

The Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled grand prix will be kicking off tomorrow, December 12th, and it will add a brand new track, new characters, new karts, and new items in the Pit Stop. Before we get into all of that there’s a brief trailer celebrating the new grand prix below, giving a glimpse of the new content that players can expect to get.


When it comes to the new track players will be racing around Gingerbread Joyride. The track, shown in the trailer, has a little gingerbread village with gingerbread roads and is decorated with all kinds of festive adornments. If you fancy taking a new racer onto the track then you’re in luck as the new characters include Rilla Roo and Yaya Panda. The third character is almost totally brand new and is the high flying moose Hasty, who was cut from previous Crash Bandicoot games. Chick ‘n’ Stew will also be racing this winter.

The three new karts are the Snowplower, the Candy Cone, and the Nitro Sleigh. Head to the Pit Stop and you’ll be able to get a reindeer skin for Crash, a winter guardian skin for Spyro, pyjamas for Baby Crash and Coco. There are also pastry wheels and festive themed decals. The challenges will award an ugly jumper for Polar and a ski suit for Hasty as well as other items. The top 5% of players on the leaderboards will earn the Champion Kart and Winter Festival signature decal.

In our Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled review Jim had the following to say:

“First there was the N. Sane Trilogy and now there’s Nitro-Fuelled. Activision’s Crash Team Racing rebirth is more than a quick cash grab – Beenox has modernised an all-time classic with such evident passion, making this the best kart racing game we’ve seen on PlayStation or Xbox for many, many years.”
You can read the full review here.
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