Vote in the UK election this Thursday and win games in the Gamechangers Giveaway

You may be thinking you can avoid politics in video games because we all know video games are not political (unless you are a goose) but I am afraid not.

However, no one is going to tell you who to vote for, just that you should vote.


Elle Osili-Wood, presenter for PlayStation, BAFTA, the BBC and others, has created the Gamechangers Giveaway to entice voters to the polls and they are offering over 200 games and prizes for those who participate this Thursday.

Games on offer include Prey, Elite Dangerous, Planet Coaster, Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Cat Quest II, Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince, Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fuelled, Sniper: Ghost Warriors Contracts, Rage 2, Catherine: Full Body, and many more.

There is also one Grand Prize that includes over twenty games, two EGX Rezzed tickets, a £50 Insert Coin Tees voucher, a Cyberpunk 2077 jacket, a Modern Warfare x DRKN hoodie, Magic the Gathering kits, Dungeon & Dragon’s Descent Into Avernus, and a shed load more merchandise.

To enter the draw all you need to do is take a selfie outside a polling station on Thursday and tweet it with the hashtag #GamechangersGiveaway.

The Electoral Commission advises against taking pictures within the polling station “because it risks accidentally giving away how someone else voted, which is against the law.” They do, like the Gamechangers Giveaway, encourage you to take a picture outside the polling station “to encourage your friends and family to vote”.

Interestingly there’s nothing stopping you from voting if you’re drunk or off your face on Mitsis, as long as you are not disrupting the process you are quite welcome to vote when intoxicated. This would be great news to US President George Washington who, in 1758, spent his entire campaign budget on booze so the happily drunk voters would elect him.

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  1. A good idea but it’s no good for me as I voted last week, postal.

  2. No, a terrible idea.

    If you need to be encouraged to vote with prizes, please don’t vote.

    • But if you are going to to vote anyway there’s no harm in it.

      • My polling station is at the bottom of the garden. I could vote by throwing the bit of paper over the fence. If my aim was good (it’s not). And I wrapped it around a brick.

        Even if I don’t do that and walk all the way around to it (about 3 minutes), the time I’d spend going back home to get my phone (because why would I take it with me for 5 minutes?) and then taking about 20 photos (and 4 videos, because that always happens) before getting one that doesn’t look terrible is time I’d rather spend getting back home and having a nice hot cup of coffee. While all you people that don’t live right next to a polling station deal with cold and wind and rain.

        Not that it really matters much here anyway, because everyone here seems to love Bloody Stupid Johnson and so will vote for our current MP again. (Obviously that’s not going to stop me voting for someone else, even if it’s a bit of a tactical vote).

      • Fair point…..

        I live in an area that’s has a massive tory majority for as long as I can remember so whoever I vote for isn’t going to make any difference. I didn’t bother voting until I found out about postal voting around 15 or so years ago. It’s a lot easier than going to the polling station , I don’t even need to get out of the car to reach the postbox…… drive through voting?

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