Gothic Remake on the cards as THQ Nordic releases playable teaser

THQ Nordic is considering remaking of the fantasy action RPG Gothic and the company wants input from the fans. Instead of a survey or opinion poll, THQ Nordic has released a playable teaser of the potential remake and has asked for feedback. This feedback will determine if a remake is developed by the THQ Barcelona team or whether a different project will be pursued instead.


In a tweet THQ Nordic posted the following with the video from above.

To find out what the Gothic fanbase thinks, we wanted to start an experiment with our new dev team THQ Nordic Barcelona. After playing the prototype, you decide if we should proceed with a full remake or leave all the great memories untouched.

The playable teaser can be grabbed on Steam here. At time of writing the response to the Gothic remake is coming up as mixed as some disagree with the approach that is being taken due to an apparent change in tone. It is unclear how long the playable teaser will be available for. THQ Nordic may decide to leave it up indefinitely or the company could take it down if it decides to go ahead with the project.

Source: Twitter

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