Death Stranding update 1.08 is out, find out what it does

Hideo Kojima’s divisive walking simulator with squid-dogs and Mads Mikkelsen in the buff has been graced with a new update taking the game to version 1.08.

Before we get to what that does, Sony have released another trailer for the title with footage taken from the very start of the game.


Right then, on to those oh so important patch notes and I can reveal that Death Stranding update 1.08 does the following:

  • Various performance improvements.

Woohoo! Just what we wanted for Christmas, an unrevealed number of unlisted performance improvements!

At the recent Game Awards Death Stranding was one of the favourites to clean up. Nominated in several categories, it ultimately lost out to Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice as the show’s official Game of the Year 2019.

It picked up awards for Game Direction, however, as well as Score and Music with Mads Mikkelsen (that one off Hannibal) grabbing best performance as “Cliff”. frankly any of the cast could have won, Die-Hardman has an Oscar worthy grandstand moment near the end of the game.

Earlier this week Hideo Kojima was presented with a large wheel of Gouda cheese emblazoned with a picture of BB from Death Stranding, a Bridge Babybel as it were. This was the latest in a long line of “Things Death Stranding Has Been Shoved On” including lattes and a shed load of merchandise.

The cheese was presented to Kojima by Guerrilla Games to celebrate four years of Kojima Productions, the studio he set up following his acrimonious departure from Konami. Guerrilla provided the Decima engine for the game and the two studios enjoy a close relationship.

Other official Death Stranding tie-ins include a album, a PlayStation 4, sunglasses, clothingsocksumbrellas, a very expensive watch, and packing tape. 

You can catch up on previous news about the game by visiting our Death Stranding Hub.

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