Final Fantasy VII just got a surprise update on PS4

Some years after the JRPG classic first appeared on PlayStation 4 – and many years after the game’s original release – Final Fantasy VII has received a software update.


Ready to download and install, this new patch comes a little out of the blue and from what we can tell it doesn’t make any major additions or improvements to the Final Fantasy VII port.

Here’s exactly what version 1.02 entrails, via the official patch notes:

  • Fixed issue where the BGM would restart after a battle while on the field.
  • Fixed various minor bugs.

The timing of this latest update seems a bit odd. Square Enix may have finally decided to fix a shopping list of minor problems players had been experiencing since Final Fantasy VII’s PlayStation 4 launch back in 2015. Or it could be giving the game an extra lick of polish, expecting fans to give it one last playthrough before the long awaited remake touches down early next year.

Having just celebrated its fourth anniversary, the PS4 port offers a noticeable HD upgrade with some very helpful cheats on hand to make the meaty JRPG far more accessible than the 1997 original.

One of these cheats lets you run the game at three times the speed (excluding cinematics), letting you mash your way through dialogue or – more importantly – cut down on grinding.

The other two cheats are just as helpful, allowing you to switch off random encounter battles and/or instantly give your party full health, MP, and limit gauge.

Although purists will want to go back and play Final Fantasy VII it was originally intended, it’s hard to resist switching on these assists.

When Final Fantasy VII Remake touches down next March, it will offer an entire new suite of JRPG mechanics that replace traditional turn-based battles. However, it will only be one part of an ongoing series, only covering the Midgar portion of the game.

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