Puma are making a gaming chair that is perfect for your sex dungeon

Reactions in the TSA office to the new Puma Playseat were universal. “That’s a sex chair” said Jason, “Definitely a sex chair,” agreed Nic, and I confirmed, having seen very similar devices on my, uh, travels.

The seat, which will cost you £398.00 including shipping, is advertised with the line “the joy of sitting.”


Let’s take a look at the nice picture below, which shows the Playseat positioned in someone’s boff basement (the industrial exposed bricks and wipe clean floor are a dead giveway).

Still unconvinced of the chair’s usefulness? Well as the image below shows, it can rock. I mean, it can actually rock, not that it’s really good.

Apparently this is to show off the four modes the chair has and not that it’s perfect for thrusting while someone straddles you.

“Adaptive, comfortable, dynamic,” say Puma, “Stability in cruise mode, support in defence mode, grip in attack mode, and freedom in win mode.”

It’s a chair, Puma. A chair on a rocker, stop pretending it has “modes”.

“Using high-tech, breathable materials developed by PUMA, the seat adapts to players’ positions as they get immersed in the on-screen action, while remaining comfortable even after many hours of play,” say Puma.

““We have to start seeing gamers as athletes, with requirements particular to their sport,” adds Charles Johnson, Global Director of Innovation at PUMA. “As a sports company, we want to offer these athletes the products they need to perform at the very top.”

If you do wish to furnish your palace of love with one of these beauties then here are those ever so important key features:

  • Complete freedom of movement;
  • Ultimate comfort thanks to the high-tech, breathable ActiFit™ material, also developed by PUMA;
  • Total control through MotionForce™ base with rubber feet.
  • Perfect for the missus to lay back on while you give her a good seeing too.
  • Storage pockets for accessories such as phone, controller and remote control;
  • Can be set up in just a few seconds;
  • Ideal for all consoles and mobile games.

There doesn’t seem to be anywhere to store five gallons of Mountain Dew though, so I’m not sure if Puma have done their research. Oh well.

Source: Puma

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  1. Have they photoshopped a fake floor into that top image?

    If yes, why?

    • I was thinking the same thing. Definitely just pasted the sex chair onto a picture of a sexy basement.

      Why? I’m choosing to believe they couldn’t get it down the stairs into a sex dungeon. And not because after 20 minutes it was all damp and catastrophically stained and all the pictures were unusable so they just cheated with a picture of clean sex chair.

  2. Can I store a blow up doll?
    Perfect for those who have VR xD

    • If you had a sex dungeon for your sex chair, would you need to store your blow up doll? Would you not just leave it in a corner, slowly deflating and looking a bit sad?

  3. Blow up dolls,what is this the 70’s?
    theyr’e all made of latex now (so a friend tells me)

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