What We Played #430 – Cuisine Royale, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker & Brain Training

It’s a hell of a week, but mostly for film reviews rather than games. I saw the Star Wars, and it’s… well, you need to go watch it and then we can talk about it. It’s probably still better than Cats, based on the best/worst line up of review quotes I’ve ever seen, though that almost makes Cats a must-see in the process.

Back to gaming, and I’ve been enjoying GRID, via the much-maligned Stadia. But it was on offer, and there’s a crazy 40 car multiplayer mode that’s not in any of the other versions. Also I managed to buy it and started playing within two minutes, so there’s that going for it too. Oh, and I played it a bit on my laptop as well as the TV, and…. well, I quite like Stadia.

On my ‘normal’ platforms I reviewed Jurassic World Evolution: Return To Jurassic Park which is twice as Jurassic-y, and hopped back into Shadow of the Tomb Raider which I’m really enjoying. I’m sure I played some other things too, but the Christmas period has already taken its toll and my brain has given up.

Tuffcub has played Destiny 2. He apologises. Aran meanwhile hopped into Cuisine Royale with TC (who forgot to mention it), saying “it’s surprisingly very well put together”. He also swung through more Spider-Man where he’s approaching the end.

Nick P has been playing Street Fighter V again now that the Champion update dropped – “Slowly finding my feet again after a long hiatus” – and he’s been continuing to grind NFS Heat, where he now has 23 cars in his garage.

Jason played some Winter Fury: Longest Road, “which is terrible, just terrible”. Besides that he’s played some Wattam, “which is adorable”, some Cardpocalypse, “which I’m really enjoying”, and a bunch of Risk of Rain 2, “which is damn near perfect”. Sounds like a lucky chap.

Reuben has been trying to better inform his Game of the Year thoughts by playing some of the stellar games from 2019, starting with Gris, calling it “an incredible and emotional experience”. He’s also been playing yet more Final Fantasy XIV, but we shouldn’t be surprised by that at this point.

Nic B has been playing the real-life game of going to Christmas parties and trying not to be too hungover the next day. He did have some hope for the future though, telling us that he’s “Looking forward to the holidays when I can sit down and throw myself into something new…”

Miguel has continued to batter Pokémon Sword, as well as finding time for more Death Stranding. On the fighting side of things it’s been Tekken 7 and a pinch of Street Fighter V, and he’s continued his run at Halo: Reach too.

Gareth has almost made it to the end of Metro Exodus, “which is great but has issues, like taking my night vision goggles off me so I had to backtrack for an hour to get them or I’d lose them permanently”. Other than that, it’s been Golem and Neverwinter Nights for review.

Following up his Shadow of the Colossus platinum, Steve played the nostalgic but underwhelming Lost Sphear. “Probably wouldn’t have persevered, but tendonitis in my shoulder prevented anything more involved as a distraction. Stronger painkillers enabled me to start Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, but were far from performance enhancing, so I stuck it on easy and took out my injury frustration on Nazi scum.”

And finally, Tef has been bulking up his brain with some of the upcoming Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training for Nintendo Switch – yes, that’s its full name – to go with trying to consistently play Ring Fit Adventure.

What about you? Are you ready for Christmas?

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  1. Well, too much work again to have a lot of play time, but I went back to Resident Evil HD, to get in the right mood for Christmas. I just want to finish this before I start RE2 from my backlog.
    And of course I went to see Star Wars Rise of Skywalker. Well, of course it’s simply impossible to come up with a worthy finale to this cultural heritage, I had seen the first one 40 years ago in the cinema. But I’d say it’s not bad, even if, at the core, it repeats some of the more stupid patterns of the saga. And, of course, it’s cool a girl takes the lead, while the lads are mostly standing around clueless – which took Star Wars 40 years what Alien accomplished in ’79 right at the start.

  2. Mostly Death Stranding and I am 2 trophies away from the Platinum ^^ won’t be tonight don’t know about tomorrow (Work Xmas Party night) might get the Plat on Sunday. 100hrs sunk into that brilliant game!

  3. Same as last week really. Still enjoying Injustice 2, although opening those boxes is getting a bit annoying now. There’s a single player story mode in there somewhere, but I got distracted by all the other bits.

    And more PvZ and BFV. And some Crash Team Racing. And the usual Honor & Duty shenanigans in VR.

    As predicted, I didn’t do much last weekend, because of that new 4th season of The Expanse. Which I got through in a weekend. As good as ever, but now with added swearing, because Amazon.

    Maybe this weekend I’ll give The Witcher a go on Netflix. But having watched 1 episode, I’m not convinced. Far too much talking, half of which is random odd names. And then a battle that looked a bit like the battle of the bastards in Game of Thrones, but done cheaply. Then chuck in Mads Mikkelsen’s less famous brother surrounded by naked ladies for no obvious reason.

    On the other hand, Henry Cavill is rather pleasant to look at. And the camera does linger on his arse quite a bit. Which was nice.

    • And also the January sale tempted me (quite easily) with Ace Combat 7. Those VR missions are some of the best VR things ever. What I played of the non-VR game (while waiting for the rest to download) is pretty decent too. Good job I’ve got the fancy HOTAS thing, really.

  4. I just had time for a few hours of NMS – i actually loaded it up to check out the new audio sequencer but spent most of my time exploring and taking pics so by the time i quit i still hadn’t checked out the new sequencer xD.
    And a quick dip into some Dreams creations, there are some wonderful ideas being realised thanks to the flexible toolset and i can’t wait to get back to creating more of my own a/v shenanigans after Christmas.

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