Destiny 3 obvious news is obvious

It has been a while but it’s time to wheel out that staple of News Snatch, the blindingly obvious news banner! Hurrah!


Altogether now, to the tune of The News At Ten theme: Obvious News do do de doo de do, Ob-vi-ous News do do de doo do do! News! That is! Obvious! A bing-bong-bing-bong!

First up, PCGamesN asked Bungie communications director David “DeeJ” Dague if he could talk about Destiny 3 and you will be astounded, no, flabbergasted, to learn that he could not. Who could have predicted that!?!?

“I don’t have any good announcements to make about the next bold moves we’ll make in the franchise,” said Dague. “Right now our commitment and our attention is to make the seasons that will unfold over the course of the next year interesting and sustain a perennial story arc that will keep players engaged. I understand the question you’re asking and it’s certainly an interesting one, and we’ll have a lot of cool stuff to say on that later, but I’m afraid that moment will have to wait a little bit longer.”

In other totally obvious news a developer who has made lots of nice money by working with Sony has amazed, neigh astounded, the gaming community by saying that yes, they would quite like to do that again thank you very much.

Bluepoint Game’s Marco Thrush had this to say to SegmentNext:

We are an independent studio. The hardware we develop for is determined by the publisher who signs us. The Metal Gear Solid HD Collection and Titanfall had Xbox 360 SKUs for this reason. Various Sony studios have been great partners, most recently JAPAN Studio. We have a great relationship with them and we will be happy to continue to work with them if they wish to.

Well I am shook, I don’t know about you. I think I’ll have to have a sit down and a stiff drink.

Stay tuned to TSA for more obvious news including

  • Developer who made a thing ages back would quite like to make a sequel. There isn’t one in production, they just said they would like to make one, you know, so they can continue to be employed.
  • Publishers amazes everyone by suggesting the sequel to a game is much better than the first one.
  • Game embargoed until the minute of release turns out to a pile of donkey droppings.
  • Employee moves jobs to somewhere else for more money and better working conditions rather than stay in the same job forever.

Source: SegmentNext / PCGamesN

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