TSA’s Most Wanted in 2020 #40-31

Having raced through numbers 50-41 in our most wanted games in 2020 list, the only logical way to follow that up is to tackle 40-31. There’s no need for an unnumbered reboot, an awkward subtitle or a spiritual successor here, just a straight up sequel.

As with the first clutch of games, this set of ten is another diverse selection, though with a clear leaning toward the Nintendo Switch and JRPGs of yesteryear in its midsts.

40 – Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

PC – March 2020 (Early Access)

It’s not as wildly popular as some other medieval game series, but Mount & Blade still has quite the following. Those originals were always rough around the edges yet managed to combine strategy, roleplaying, and combat into something so alluring despite never being much of a looker.

Many years in the making, Bannerlord is shaping up to be exactly the kind of evolution fans have been pining for. Battles are bigger than ever before and a number of smart new systems will hopefully give Mount & Blade more of a roleplaying edge. At the very least, we can expect some god-tier mods following its release into Early Access next March.

39 – Bleeding Edge

XBO, PC – 24th March 2020

Though Ninja Theory are creating a stunning looking sequel to their hit game Hellblade, that’s not the only thing they’re working on. Bleeding Edge was their first game announced under Microsoft’s ownership, with the talented team deciding to take their melee brawling expertise and turn it to a multiplayer hero game.

Full of weird and wonderful character designs and some interesting twists on the now familiar genre, this could pick up a decent following when it drops onto Xbox Game Pass next year.

38 – Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore

Switch – 17th January 2020

Throwing together Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE was a J-pop infused mash-up that landed in the twilight years of the Wii U’s shortened life. A Switch re-release is just what’s needed to bring the unlikely JRPG to a wider audience of potential fans.

As with so many of Nintendo’s Wii U to Switch ports, there’s a smattering of additions to the original game, this time including new story content, new songs and new party members to team up with.

37 – Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition

Switch – 2020

Though there’s now been a handful of sequels, there’s something about Xenoblade Chronicles that keeps on bringing Nintendo back. First there was the impressive New 3DS port, showing off the power of the handheld’s refresh, and now there’s the Definitive Edition of the Wii classic for Nintendo Switch.

Put simply, it’s Xenoblade Chronicles, the critically acclaimed JRPG, revitalised in an HD remaster.

36 – Iron Man VR

PSVR – 28th February 2020

Robert Downey Jr.’s mesmerising performance as Tony Stark has cemented him as the number one Avenger for a generation of cinema goers, but when it comes to video games the character has had a fairly tough break outside of making a few guest appearances. That’s all set to change in 2020.

Iron Man VR had the potential to be a quick and sloppy cash-in for developer Camouflaj, but from what we’ve played it’s quite the opposite. Not only does it feature an original storyline faithful to the character’s comic book legacy, this PSVR exclusive nails what it feels like to wear Iron Man’s suit, soaring through the air and battling foes with a seamless speed and precision.

35 – Rainbow Six Quarantine

PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX, PC – 2020

Announced during Ubisoft’s E3 2019 press conference, there’s still a lot we don’t know about this latest entry in the long-running Tom Clancy series. With Rainbow Six Siege having been such a huge success for the publisher, Quarantine will offer fans a new co-op experience to run alongside the popular competitive shooter.

All we have right now is a cinematic teaser which points to Quarantine being a sci-fi horror spin-off of sorts, though one that will feature recognisable characters from Siege. However, with Ubisoft having pushed back its release schedule for 2020, we may need to wait a little longer before catching our first look at gameplay.

34 – Desperados III

PS4, XBO, PC – 2020

Having honed their craft in the Shadow Tactics series, Mimimi’s latest project is a revival of the Desperados series. Set before the events of the original games, Desperados is a slick and flexible tactical action game that’s as much a puzzler as it is a stealth ’em up.

Filled with different characters, each with different abilities, such as a the voodoo of Isabelle Moreau or the sharpshooting excellence of Doc McCoy, you’re playing with and combining plenty of different elements as you try to overcome the enemies before you.

Originally planned for 2019, this is now one to watch in 2020 instead.

33 – Little Nightmares 2

PS4, XBO, Switch, PC – 2020

Little Nightmares was a surprise hit in 2017, a dark and horrifying puzzle platform game with young girl called Six trying to escape the Maw, a huge ship packed full of obese humans who dine on the flesh of children. Packed full of metaphors the DLC gave it an extra twist by telling a parallel story that concluded in an unforgettable grim twist. Some of the puzzle mechanics were a little clunky, so we’re hoping those are refined for the sequel, but we’re looking forward to having even more nightmares next year.

32 – Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers

PS4, Switch – 20th February 2020 (JP), TBC (EU, US)

Given all the hype and excitement for the teases of Persona 5 coming to Nintendo Switch, I’m pretty confident in saying that almost everybody was a bit disappointed at the eventual reveal of Persona 5 Scramble. Was this the hugely popular JRPG squished onto the Switch? No, it’s a Musou hack and slasher instead.

Still, you can’t really go wrong with a Dynasty Warriors game. A collaboration between Omega Force and P-Studio, it blends the two together instead of being more of a reskin. Real time combat is accompanied by turn-based persona battling, as Joker and the Phantom Thieves of Hearts battle through a story set six months after the events of Persona 5.

Coming to Japan in February, hopefully it won’t be too long before it strikes in the West as well.

31 – Gears Tactics

XBO, PC – 28th April 2020

Given how much time you spend hunkered down behind cover in the Gears of War series, a turn-based tactics game in the vein of XCOM makes perfect sense. How did The Coalition not get round to making this sooner?

Gears Tactics is set 12 years before the first Gears of War with the Locust Horde rising up across Sera. One squad of heroes emerge as humanity’s last hope, with Gabe Diaz building and leading his recruits to hunt down Ukkon, who’s masterminded the attacks.

That’s all for this article, but come back tomorrow where we’ll be featuring ten more of our most wanted games in 2020. 

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