Stand back Baby Yoda, Baby Sonic has been revealed

Bay-bee Sonic do do de doo do, Bay-bee Sonic do do de doo do, Bay-bee Sonic do do de doo do, Baby Sonic!

Continuing a long tradition of making baby versions of characters for no other reason than the flog soft toys Baby Sonic has been revealed in a new trailer for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie. He joins the ranks of Baby Yoda, Baby Groot, and the clearly ridiculous Baby Dinobots in the fourth Transformers movie (they’re robots they don’t have babies for crying out loud!)


The Japanese trailer is all CGI and shows the dinky hog running around his magical world before presenting a flower.

Sonic the Hedgehog will be hitting cinema screens on 14th February 2020, the movie was delayed by three months when initial reaction to design of Sonic was less than complimentary. He was wearing socks, he had disturbing teeth, and just looked all kinds of wrong. The fan reaction was widespread and highly critical, and even Sega had concerns.

Unfortunately the visual effects company Moving Picture Company which worked on the redesign shut down it’s Vancouver branch shortly after completing the work stating that “increasing external market pressures” in Vancouver along with “attractive opportunities in other locations” made the branch less profitable.

The film was originally going to be produced by Sony by they sold the rights to Paramount. It stars James Marsden as Tom Wachowski, a former SFPD officer who has moved to Green Hills, Motana, who encounters the blue speedster, who is voiced by Ben Schwartz. Jim Carrey will be playing the villain Dr Ivo Robotnic and seems to be giving it full 1990’s Jim Carrey, which could be good. The cast also includes Tika Sumpter as Dr. Annie Wachowski, Neal McDonough as Major Bennington, and Adam Pally.

The movie will open against a bunch of romantic comedies as it launches on Valentines day and also remake of Fantasy Island, the 70s TV show that has been rebooted in to a horror movie.

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