Ivanka Trump announced as keynote speaker at CES 2020

Hey, remember 2019? That was a like a weird drug induced dream wasn’t it? All sorts of whack going down, Apprentice stars as Presidents, the UK split in half, a very naughty goose, what a time to be alive. Here’s hoping 2020 is going to be a lot more strong and stable.



CES 2020, formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show, is a huge tech trade show in the United States where many companies show off their latest innovations and release new products. Sony are attending and their brief press release has raised hopes that the PlayStation 5 might be making an appearance.

The future is coming. At CES 2020 Sony is unveiling a unique vision of the future, bringing creativity and technology together like never before, to unleash new sensations and emotions

We do know who will definitely be making an appearance: Ivanka Trump. Donald Trump’s daughter also works as his adviser, because nepotism, and she specialises in “economic empowerment of women and their families, skills-training and workforce development,” despite not having any qualifications in those areas.

“CES has consistently proven to be one of the most influential technology events in the world and I am excited to join this year for a substantive discussion on the how the government is working with private-sector leaders to ensure American students and workers are equipped to thrive in the modern, digital economy,” Ivanka Trump said in a statement.

Response to the announcement has been… spicy, especially from women in the technology sector. “What, exactly, does she know about tech and innovation? They literally build buildings, launder Russian money, and grift. Is there an app for all of that?” asked former legal counsellor for Facebook, Bärí A. Williams.

“Wow seriously? Ivanka Trump? Shame on #CES2020… Get real women in tech onstage,” added Stephanie Llamas, Head of strategy and research at SuperData.

“#CES prepare to fact check #Ivanka, who is a proven liar,in the moment instead of empowering false messages and narrative fallacy that is a detriment to our community,” said Joanna Peña-Bickley, Head of Research & Design at Amazon Alexa.

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  1. I can’t comment without referring to her with the C-word.

  2. I hope she has learnt a think or two since I watched half an episode of the US Apprentice I saw five or six years ago as she was as thick as sh*t.

    • You’ll be living in hope until you die pal. Although I’ll give her some credit, she can probably spell thing ;)

  3. You just know she didn’t write a single word of that statement as well.

    2020 is off to a right sh*t start!

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