WWE 2K20’s 2020 date bug has been patched [Updated]

Update:  2K Games have pushed out an update to WWE 2K20 to fix one of the most amusing and embarrassing bugs in recent history. Simply restarting the game should see a fix downloaded automatically, without having to jump through the workaround outlined in the original story.


So long Y2K20 bug, we hardly knew you.

Original story:

WWE 2K20 has not had a great time since launch. The bugs have been making headlines more than the gameplay and features have, and there have been a number of complaints about the quality. 2K Games has been addressing the issues through patches and there have been improvements, but the road to a well-performing title is paved with pitfalls. Today users have been highlighting that the switch over to 2020 has, ironically, made WWE 2K20 unplayable.

According to reports after the date switched over to January 1st 2020 a number of modes including Originals became unplayable. Twitter user TheShiningDown has found a fix that helps alleviate the issue. All you need to do is switch your system date back to 2019.

According to TheShiningDown, you can do this and then switch back to 2020, which should then see the bug disappear. Of course, an error of this magnitude shouldn’t even be a concern nowadays. Y2K was a long time ago after all. No doubt 2K Games will be working on an official patch to resolve the issue but at the time of writing there hasn’t been any kind of official word. Then again it is New Year’s Day so responses will likely be slow today.

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