The PlayStation Store January Sale just got larger, new titles added

Sony have announced a second wave of games added to the PlayStation Store January sale including a load of Ubisoft titles, LEGO games, Resident Evils, and PS exclusive Spider-Man.

The sale ends 23.59pm GMT / 00.59am CET on Friday 17th January / Saturday 18th January,  but “some games leave the sale earlier, so be sure to check the individual game pages for details.”

Source: PS Blog

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  1. I think at least some (maybe 1 or more) of those were part of the original January sale that started before christmas.

    I know, because it tempted me with Days Gone (which is a lot of fun so far).

    Which leads to a handy tip… Don’t buy a load of stuff in the sale, as tempting as it might be. I bought one thing, and then got an email basically saying “Well done, you bought something. Why not use this special code and buy more?”

    The code was for 20% off everything in the store (except things that aren’t included in the offer – video and subscriptions, which was information they buried further down the T&Cs for the offer).

    Might be worth buying 1 thing, and then waiting a couple of days to see if you get an email with that code. The code’s for 20% off everything a single time at checkout. So if something’s 50% off, you actually get 60% off, not 70%.

    My backlog hates me, of course.

    • I think they added different editions, e.g. the Deluxe Days Gone one, while the regular game was part of the previous slate of games on sale. They just did this with Spiderman too.
      I bought some games and got no voucher…! Some people have all the luck, while others… ;-)

  2. Narcos! Sold!

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