A brand new copy of Anthem will now cost you £3.97

Anthem still has a short way to go beat the record for cheapest price for a relatively recent AAA game, that is held by Fallout 76 was was effectively being given away for free by retailers at one point. However, the eighth month old AAA game is getting close as the latest price cut on Amazon takes the PlayStation 4 version of the game down to £3.97. Curry’s are also offering the game at the same price. 

Surely it’s got to be worth a punt at the price? It’s not that bad and has had a load of improvements since launch.

You’ll also be in prime position when EA reveal their revised plans for the game, you may recall that back in September Head of Live Service Chad Robertson explained that they are planning “a more thorough review and re-working” to address the game’s core issues.

This also means moving away from the Acts structure for updates that the company had originally planned. Of course, the Acts were a moot point when the company bunkered down after the game’s release and reports of its shambolic development emerged, leading to a delay and cancellation of much of Act 1. Cataclysm was the cornerstone event from Act 1, but took months longer than originally planned to go live.

Anthem is available on Xbox Games Pass and over the holiday period Bioware held a new event, Seasons of the Icetide, which brought new Shaper devices bringing localised ice storms into the game, and also seasonal themed Stronghold activities, Time Trials to race through, and more.

Of course there is always the chance that EA and Bioware might rework Anthem in to a free to play title, that seems to have worked really well for Bungie and Destiny 2.

Previous deals could gave netted you a copy of Anthem and six months of Spotify Premium for £8. 

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  1. I caved in and ordered it – surely can’t go wrong for that price?!

  2. Even at that price I don’t think this game is worth it.. even if it was free and delivered to me I don’t think I’d ever want to install and play this. Shoddily built games should not be rewarded with our play time.

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