Sony reveal the PS5 logo, can you spot the difference?

Sony revealed the PlayStation 5’s logo overnight at CES 2020, teasing eager next-gen punters yet again as they drip feed little bits of information about their upcoming console.

See if you can spot the difference to the PlayStation 4 logo:

That’s right, it’s the exact same font and design as the PS4 and mid-gen rebranding of the PS3 mark, just with a 5 on the end. Or to put it another way:


To be fair, consistency is a big part of Sony’s success through the current generation, having endeavoured to set a stable platform for developers after the rocky first few years that greeted the PlayStation 3. Keeping consistent branding since the PS3 Slim refresh is indicative that Sony aren’t looking to rock the boat with the PS5. It’ll be more powerful, it’ll have more features, but with things like backward compatibility confirmed, they’ll be looking to retain as much of their PS4 audience as possible.

Speaking of which, Sony also announced at CES that the PlayStation 4 has now sold over 106 million units, while PlayStation VR has passed a new landmark with 5 million sales.

Back to the PS5, and there’s been plenty of news and leaks surrounding the console in the last couple of months, mostly centred around new patents and dev kit leaks. Right at the end of the year we spotted the patent for a DualShock with rear buttons, there’s also been patents for the next generation of the PlayStation VR, AI assistance so the system itself can point you in the right direction, a patent for a controller that scan player’s faces and make emojis much like smartphones are capable of doing, and plenty more.

While Sony have talked up the power of the upcoming console, based off AMD’s Zen 2 and Navi architectures with some secret sauce ray tracing and and SSD thrown in for good measure, there’s question marks about how powerful it will be when stacked up against the Xbox Series X with a new set of details seeming to suggest Sony will be the lesser of the two.

Ultimately we’ll have to wait for Sony to make their official announcements, with rumours pointing to a PlayStation Meeting occurring in March.

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