Doctor Strange announced for Marvel Super War

Marvel’s Master of the Mystic Arts will soon be making his debut in Super War, the recently released mobile MOBA from chinese power publisher, NetEase.

Having gained popularity following his appearance in Marvel’s 2016 movie as well as the Avengers, Doctor Strange will join the game’s current roster of playable heroes and villains next week on January 16th.


Unsurprisingly, Strange is classed as a power type character, commanding the battlefield with his arcane abilities.

The video above shows him in action, briefly demonstrating his powers. The clip isn’t very detailed though if you look closely you can get a solid idea of how Doctor Strange will play.

His passive ability appears to drop a decoy that can absorb incoming damage. Meanwhile his actives include blink, projectile, and teleporting spells, his ultimate reining down arcane missiles on a sizeable area.

Here’s his official bio:

A car crash robbed him of his surgical hands, but the Sorcerer Supreme arose with mastery of mystical energies to rival his medical expertise.

Doctor Strange will arrive alongside Marvel Super War’s first season. NetEase has yet to detail exactly what this will include though it’s likely we’ll see a seasonal progression system similar to a battle pass.

Hopefully, with season one on the way, NetEase will also be opening its doors to players from other regions. Right now Marvel Super War is only accessible in certain regions of Asia (see below for instructions on how to download the game for free).

Although players from around the world have been getting stuck into the Marvel themed MOBA, many are running into connection problems likely due to the servers being located in Asia. When Super War goes global, it’s likely this issue will be remedied.

You can access the game by going into your mobile settings and changing the Google Play/App Store region to Asia, Singapore, or Malaysia. It’s a free download, plays in English, and by hooking the game up to a social media account (or Apple Game Center) you can save your data, manage friends etc.

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