The Surge 2’s Kraken expansion will be available next week

Deck13 has today announced that The Surge 2 players will be able to get their hands on the Kraken expansion DLC next week, January 16th. In the Kraken players will be heading to a new location, the renovated aircraft carrier VBS Krakow that was converted into a suburban retreat for the rich. Now it’s a place crawling with robots as well as new boss. Players with The Surge 2 season pass will get early access to the content on January 14th.


Alongside the Kraken expansion, a premium edition of The Surge 2 will be released which will include the season pass and all of the DLC. That DLC includes URBN Gear Pack, the Public Enemy Weapon Pack, and the Jericho’s Legacy Gear Pack.

In our The Surge 2 review Nic wrote:

Hugely satisfying combat and some smart world design carries a decent Souls-like that feels like a solid, if safe, alternative for genre fans. The Surge 2 is competent, with flashes of excellence, but loses some of its own identity in the shadows of its inspirations.
You can read the full The Surge 2 review here. The Surge 2 is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.
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