Batman Court of Owls game teased further by Warner Bros Games Montreal

It was months ago when Warner Bros Montreal first teased a new Batman game with a flashing logo that seemed to point towards a Batman game featuring the Court of Owls. Well, today, that teasing has gone further as Warner Bros Montreal has decided to tease the game some more today on social media by posting more images with the caption Capture The Knight. The same caption was used in September.


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Cape sur la nuit / Capture the Knight

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And the full image can be found below courtesy of user Kwodo2875.

Of course, with all of this teasing surely Warner Bros Montreal has got to be close to releasing more information about this next Batman game. We thought there would have been a reveal during Sony’s State of Play as the original tease was the day before. We don’t know when this next Batman game is going to be set. It could be another prequel title much like Batman: Arkham Origins was or we may see a continuation of what happened after Batman: Arkham Knight.

Source: Twitter/Instagram/Reddit

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