Resident Evil 3 won’t have multiple endings, Carlos playable

More Resident Evil 3 details have emerged as we approach the remake’s hotly anticipated launch this April.

In an interview with the Official PlayStation Magazine UK (OPM) producer Peter Fabiano shared more information on the sequel, which will be coming to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


Unsurprisingly, Resi 3’s hulking Nemesis is based on the Tyrant that stalked Leon and Clare throughout the Raccoon City Police Station. Of course he isn’t a simple copy of Mr. X – not only does he have his own uniquely terrifying attacks, the AI controlling Nemesis has also been altered.

As for his design, the team at Capcom created a lifelike model that was then scanned into the game via photogrammetry. As if he wasn’t creepy looking enough.

Staying faithful to the original 1999 survival horror hit, players will be able to explore much wider spaces across Raccoon City including its various shops and streets as well as a familiar series of key locales.

One change Capcom has made is Carlos Oliveira’s role in Resident Evil 3. Not only is he a playable character, he’ll have more of an impact on the game’s story than he originally did, having undergone a slight makeover for the remake.

Capcom will also be sacking off the game’s multiple endings. We won’t go into spoilers though it was possible to see Resident Evil 3’s finale play out in different ways depending on your choices. The unlockable Mercenaries mode has also been stripped out of the remake.

This design choice probably won’t go down well with Resi purists though could help Capcom’s development efforts by focusing on a single narrative.

It could also point to the publisher’s future plans. By establishing a canonical ending, we may see Capcom deliver an original sequel within this resurrected timeline. Given the popularity of last year’s Resident Evil 2 and the hype surrounding its 2020 follow-up, this wouldn’t be completely out of the question.

Source: Official PlayStation Magazine UK (via Reddit)

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  1. Nooooo and not the mercenaries mode aswell!!!! WHY CAPCOM WHY!!!!

    • Agreed, sad to read there’s no mercs mode, loved it in the original. Maybe it will be dlc.

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