What We Played #432 – Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, Control & Beat Saber

Our first full working week of the year is at an end, and it’s time to get back to a weekend of chilling the heck out. I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels like they aren’t completely back up to speed yet.

I pushed myself to play some games this week though, going through the hassle of plugging my PC into the TV so that I could play Control on the big screen, and having some of the stereotypical teething problems that come from gaming on Windows. Turning my headphones and controller off and on again helped me get past the silent main menu, for one. I’m still just scratching the surface of Control, but loving Remedy’s typically stylish creation.

Dom and Jason have both been hammering away at Monster Hunter World: Iceborne this past week, leading up to the huge expansion’s PC launch.. “Just so much of it, all the time, forever,” Jason said. “It’s so damn good.” The port is excellent, by the way. If you can play on a high-end PC and have friends who’ll join you, then that’s absolutely the way to play.

Meanwhile, Aran’s spread his attentions in a few different directions, completing The Legend of Zelda: LInk’s Awakening (battling past the “super frustrating” Eagle Tower dungeon, and playing Super Crush KO for review next week.

It was a mixture of Beat Saber, Golem, Neverwinter Nights and Control for Gamoc, who’s still finding navigating the world to be more of a chore than it should be. He’s also “never had so much trouble subduing a refrigerator before.”

Steve’s yet to open up his PSVR box that he got for Christmas, thanks to needing to wait for his shoulder to heal up, so alongside prep for a new term of university teaching, he’s rattled through the “low budget Control/Matrix” combo of Past Cure, and has been sinking into the low intensity of Batman: The Enemy Within for its minimal effort and strain gaming.

Miguel got very confused by colons this week, as he beat “Star Wars: Jedi: Fallen Order: Subtitle: The Game”. Title aside, he thinks it was amazing. He’s also been playing the Atelier Dusk trilogy on Nintendo Switch and started on Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore (curiously not complaining about the barmy title of this game of Japanese origin), which just makes him wish that Persona 5 was on the portable…

Getting into the WW3 swing of things, Nick P finished off the Modern Warfare campaign and grabbed the platinum. It’s “Fantastic to look at and honestly, not as shocking as I expected but then again, I could be desensitised to it all.” He too is playing Jedi: Fallen Order, enjoying how it ties into the rest of the universe.

It’s been Destiny 2 and Iro Hero for Tuffcub, while we round things off this week with Jim. He’s still hooked by Beat Saber, trying to SS rank a song on Expert difficulty to get a step closer to its platinum trophy, while he’s caught the Stardew Valley bug over Christmas and decided to install Middle-earth: Shadow of War again to try and get the “true” ending.

That’s us, but what about you? What kinds of gaming have you been getting up to over the past week? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Plenty of Borderlands 3 again, which is still childish fun. And Days Gone, which is getting even better now I keep running into hordes. Or running away from hordes.

    And I might have had a bit of time for some Uncharted, since PS+ insists I play through them all again.

    Then I spotted something in the current sale. The FMV bundle. Just £7.99. The Bunker was entertaining B-Movie silliness with the odd bit of dodgy acting. Late Shift was much more professionally done nonsense. Mostly seamless when you make a choice. (Like that Bandersnatch episode of Black Mirror, it’s not waiting for you to make a choice, it forces you to decide or accept the default before it has to switch to another scene). And now I’m stuck into The Infectious Madness of Doctor Dekker. Which so far seems the most interesting. And the longest.

    Well worth picking up the bundle at that price. I think they’re all on sale separately as well.

    Oh, and a bit of Overcooked 2, since it’s on PS Now. Had to stop after an hour or so, because otherwise I’d be single. Or in prison for murder. Do not play it with loved ones! Especially if they’re not huge gamers. It was fine until pasta needed cooking. Then chaos ensued. Strong language was used. The pasta burst into flames. Then the kitchen. And then, somehow, the fire extinguisher burst into flames too.

    Oddly enough, that’s not far off what happens in real life.

  2. Went back to older titles for the PS3 specifically 8 years ago….. Sonic Generations and finally got the platinum lol
    This weekend is Shadow of the Tomb Raider and I am close to completing the story mode and will mop up collectibles to get 100% explored. Who knows what game I will play next for the PS3 now that Trine and Sonic are finally completed xD

  3. I picked up a 4K tv in the sales so i had to check out No Man’s Sky and it looks even more beautiful, colours much better textures seem pin-sharp up-close. I also started replaying Trine 2, charming, challenging and again looking gorgeous on the new telly. And some more Death Stranding – i can now fast travel but it’s not quite a replacement for the bike.
    And i’ve just grabbed Shadow of the Tomb Raider from the Jan sales, tempted to fire it up right away but will try and wait for my day off! ;)

  4. First, I played The untitled Goose Game. It’s funny, but also gets repetitive quite quickly. Still, it’s good to see stealth mechanics outside a game about killing and being killed. Then I played some Need for Speed with the kids, which I got in the sale, and also Concrete Genie. The latter looks quite good so far, but sometimes you’re slightly fighting more with the controls than anything else.

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