Games Done Quick kick off 2020 by raising $3.13 million for Prevent Cancer Foundation

Celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2020, the 24-hour speedrunning marathon Awesome Games Done Quick was held over the weekend in Orlando, Florida, managing to raise a whopping $3.13 million for Prevent Cancer Foundation.


It was a huge event with over 2,750 people heading down to watch it live, while they peaked at over 236,000 concurrent viewers watching on Twitch. That all added up to a Games Done Quick event with more donations than any that had gone before. More than 54,000 donations flooded in from over 80 countries across the globe.

You can watch the stream’s finale here, or head over to the Games Done Quick YouTube channel where you can watch any of the speedrunning attempts.

Speedruns include a 14:21 sprint through to the quickest game ending in The Outer Worlds, beating Sonic CD in just over 20 minutes, and GTA San Andreas in just over 4 hours.

Games Done Quick has become a staple of the annual gaming calendar, with Awesome Games Done Quick at the start of the year and Summer Games Done Quick in, well, the summer, and a handful of special events. From humble beginnings, raising donations around $10,000, they first raised over $1 million in 2014 and have now raised more than $3 million in the last two events. They’ve now raised over $25 million in total, going primarily to Doctors Without Borders and Prevent Cancer Foundation, but also AbleGamers, Organization for Autism Research and others.

AGDQ 2020 was sponsored by PlayStation, Final Fantasy XIV Online, The Yetee, Annapurna Interactive, Fangamer, Team Meat, NIS America, Tokyo Attack!, World 9 Gaming, MAGFest, and Red Bull.

The next stream,Summer Games Done Quick 2020, will be held this June 21-28.

Source: press release

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