DayZ rolls out an unexpected hotfix, servers offline

Bohemia Iterative have unexpectedly dropped a 315mb hotfix for DayZ and took the servers offline. The DayZ twitter account had not mentioned the update and it took them a couple of hours to acknowledge servers were offline and that the update had been released early.


The PlayStation servers are also offline at present, there is no indication as to when they will be back. They have also recently tweeted that the patch notes will be available when the game is restored.

Earlier this month the game was having problems on consoles again, the servers seem to be vanishing and/or inaccessible.

The December update included a brand new map, Livonia, which is available on all formats for 13.99 USD / 13.99 EUR, and the 1.06 updated also added bears to the game. Key features of the update included:

  • The Bears, new kings of the forest, have started to roam Chernarus and Livonia.
  • Fishing is the new way to relax, catch junk, and occasionally some fish.
  • The Vaiga, Blaze, Kolt 1911, and BK-43 are now available to diversify your arsenal.
  • If you want a green Ada or a black Gunter 2, it’s in store.
  • Xbox and PS4 players can now use their mouse and keyboard on the servers identified as supporting them (the gamepad is always available on all servers).

DayZ launched on PlayStation 4 back in June 2019 and, well, it was a bit of mess, you can read our review here. However, many people seem to be able to get past the glitches and frame rate drops and spend hundreds of hours playing the game, it is inexplicably popular.

The last time the console version of the game had a major patch was back in December but that introduced a number of bugs including messing up player’s inventories.

“Regarding the last major update, some severe issues have made their way into it. We are very well aware of their impact on the game and are working on them,” explained one of the developers on the official forums. “About the inventory-related issues, we have identified most of the causes leading to items getting stuck or not picked up, and are addressing them one by one. Still, due to their complexity, it takes time; however, we’ll prioritize, focus and make solid attempts to resolve these in the beginning of 2020.”

Source: Twitter

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