PlayStation’s 2019 Wrap Up shows how much PS4 you played last year

If, like us, you don’t keep a manual record of how many hours you’ve spent playing your growing catalogue of video games, Sony has you covered.

Head over to the PlayStation 2019 Wrap Up website and log in with your PSN details to get a neat little breakdown of how you spent your time gaming last year.


There’s a nice cluster of statistics to pick away at including the total number of different games played as well as your top three in terms of playtime. You may be surprised what comes out as your number one!

The wrap up also delves into your favourite genre, showing your total time, how many games in that genre you’ve played, and the accompanying trophies unlocked.

Speaking of trophies, there’s another section that gives you a quick insight into how many pieces of virtual silverware you picked up over the past twelve months.

Finally, you’ll be awarded a title for 2019 that summarises your playing habits. Make sure you click the “redeem reward” button at the bottom of the page to snag an exclusive PS4 dynamic theme and avatar.

Some users are reporting that their PlayStation 2019 Wrap Up isn’t accurate or contains some anomalies. It’s not exactly clear what counts as play time though if you’ve left a game idling in the background that will have added to those hours and minutes clocked.

Seeing these end of year recaps is always a bit strange and in some ways worrying. Before clicking that button I was convinced I’d spent 1,000+ hours bashing away at the buttons on my DualShock 4. At the same time, there are no doubt plenty of PlayStation die hard who didn’t break a sweat hitting that milestone.

So, how did your PlayStation 2019 Wrap Up look? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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  1. Great idea but terribly implemented, the numbers are all over the place and I have zero faith in their accuracy.

  2. I liked it but I think it is a bit inaccurate but nonetheless I’ll take it xD
    I cannot claim my reward but will try again later. I have tweeted my statistics :)

    • I couldn’t access my reward earlier but just tried again and got a twelve digit code to use in the PS Store.

  3. Mustn’t be available in Ireland, when i sign-in i get “only available in some locations”

    • You may need to sign into a specific version of the website (our link is to the GB page).

      • Thanks but it actually switches me to the ‘ie’ url when i log-in so i don’t think it’s that.

  4. Apparently I’m a ‘Speed Demon’ as my top genre was Driving/Racing (no surprise there). Out of a total of 919 hours gaming 751 hours were spent on racing games.

  5. PLAYSTATION 2019 Wrap-Up is only available in select locations. Users must also be 18 years or older and have more than 10 gameplay hours for 2019 prior to December 10th.


  6. Depends on your privacy settings as well….

    From the PS blog

    and have allowed us to collect “additional data.” Users can check their settings on PS4 at [Settings] > [Device Data/Health & Safety] > [Device Data].

    • I was able to do the previous one of these and haven’t changed any of my settings since then. Might be because i haven’t renewed my PS plus for about 6 months.

    • No actually you were correct, it’s the privacy setting.

  7. Usually, I tend to switch everything off which allows any tracking, as in my profession that is critical for survival…

    But not with PlayStation..! :-)
    Top 3 games were Bloodborne, HZD and Subnautica, my main genre therefore action adventure, and my title is action hero. Sounds consistent and quite right to me.

    My trophy to hours ratio is not overly good, though, and I only played 5 hours on PSVR, I have to change that in the future..!

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