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Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Pass leaks, won’t include 8 new Operators

With Year 4 quickly coming to a close, fans have been eagerly awaiting any information regarding Rainbow Six Siege and its Year 5 content plan.

A new leak may have prematurely revealed what’s coming to the Tom Clancy shooter in 2020, ahead of Year 5’s planned unveiling at the Six Invitational being held in Montreal next month.


Posted to Reddit, the leak shows a screenshot from an upcoming build of the game, showing promotion art for Year 5 while listing off what pass holders can expect for their money.

The most controversial inclusion on that list is 6 new playable Operators who will be added to the Rainbow Six roster throughout the year. That’s two less than the usual 8 fans have come to expect and it’s bound to cause complaints within the player community.

Exactly who these new Operators are remains a mystery though the promotional artwork that accompanies the Year 5 shows what is presumably one male and one female character with Harry “Six” Pandey – the head of Rainbow – shown in the centre of this image, flanked by some familiar faces.

The Year 5 Pass will also include an annual VIP membership with 7 days early access to new Operators, exclusive customisation items, a 10% shop discount, 5% renown boost, and other perks. Some players have noted that this doesn’t include the regular bundle of 600 R6 Credits.

Year 5 will also see the Battle Pass come into play. This will mimic the kinds of progression system we’ve seen in a plethora of multiplayer games including Fortnite, PUBG, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Ubisoft has yet to confirm any specific details about Siege Year 5 other than it will have a “huge” focus on story. The reduced number of new Operators has already led to rampant speculation with some in community suggesting that a second “Operation Health” season may be coming, or that Ubisoft may carry out some heavy reworking of existing Operators – to the extent that they’ll almost feel completely new.

As always, take leaks with a grain of salt. While Siege leaks have been mostly reliable in the past, we won’t know exactly what Year 5 will looks like until Ubisoft officially announces it.

Source: Reddit

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