Cut Star Wars Battlefront 2 content discovered by dataminers

Drop into Star Wars Battlefront II today and you’ll find more content than you can swing a lightsaber at. Since it launched more than two years ago, developer EA DICE has continued to cram in new and inventive game modes as well as additional maps, heroes, and reinforcements (playable classes).

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That said, the Star Wars Battlefront community seems to have unearthed even more content for the sequel that never found its way into the full game. YouTube user Mop Head is putting together a six part video series that will show parts of the game that were supposedly left on the cutting room floor.


This information is said to be pulled from Battlefront II’s game files, as well as those for the previous alpha and beta versions of EA’s shooter sequel.

The first video in the series is perhaps the most important. It features cut content such as character classes like the Rebel Pilot and Honor Guard, as well as player abilities.

It’s worth mentioning that as Star Wars Battlefront II continues to grow, some of these concepts could still be worked into a future update. Either way, it’s interesting to see what data has been pulled from the game’s files.

A second video has already been uploaded and goes over many of dialogue and voice lines that were axed before Battlefront II launched.

Last month, EA released its Celebration Edition of the game. This comprehensive version weighs over 100GB and includes two years worth of updates as well as a huge collection of cosmetics and skins that would otherwise need to be purchased or unlocked.

The timing was deliberate of course, tying in with the cinematic release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. DICE added new costumes for both Fin and Rey, also giving us new reinforcements with BB-8 and BB-9E soon to become playable in a future update.

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