See new Zombie Army 4 enemies, abilities and locations in this 101 trailer

The zombies are coming (again) in Zombie Army 4, and it’s up to you (again) to defeat the undead menace (again) in this co-op shooter sequel. Thankfully, Rebellion are getting us all up to speed with a natty 101 trailer, diving into a ton of new features in the game.

The trailer dives into six minutes of footage, revealing brand new enemies coming to the game (zombie sharks!), special abilities and weapons that you’ll be using to fight them, and new levels and locations. They’re also digging into the expanded Horde Mode.


Set after you defeated zombie Hitler in Zombie Army Trilogy, Zombie Army 4: Dead War takes you out of zombie Germany for the first time, to fight zombies in zombified Italy and beyond. A new zombie plot is shambling its way to utterly destroying the last hopes of the survivors left after the war, and you’ll have your work cut out to fight back against them. It leans on the same ideas as those originals, but gets a little bit whackier, with new electrified and explosive weapon mods, some barmy melee abilities and character abilities.

We went hands on with the game a little while ago, dipping a toe into all its new features and getting up to some four player co-op shenanigans. For our preview I wrote, “Zombie Army 4: Dead War is going to be exactly what you expect and want it to be, a B-movie zombie killing romp across Europe. There’s more depth and options to the gameplay, new types of enemies to battle, a little more finesse to the horror film references, but when you get right down to it, it’s still all about shooting zombies in the noggin with your mates.”

If you’re up for a bit of zombie fighting, Zombie Army 4 launches on PS4, Xbox One and PC on February 4th.

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