Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Season One has been extended

Infinity Ward has announced it is extending the duration of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s season one, with it now expected to last another month. The end date is February 11th. In a statement, the developer wrote there would be new challenges and items being added for this season, as well as double XP events. The statement is below.

Over the next few weeks, a host of new items and challenges will arrive, including an in-game Challenge to earn the new Crossbow weapon, more remixed game modes, new playlists, and more in the Store to discover. To make room for all that activity, we are making a one-time extension of Season One – it’s now ending on February 11. During that time, there will be 2XP, 2X Weapon XP, and 2X Tier Progression to help you finish up your Officer Ranks and Tiers, and get you ready for an exciting Season Two.


Reading between the lines you could surmise that Infinity Ward may have had to push back Season Two due to unforeseen circumstances that necessitated an extension of Season One, but that is speculative with Infinity Ward not giving that as a public reason. Season One added the Vacant and Shipment maps, as well as the operator Nikto, and the Cranked mode.

In our review for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Jim wrote:

Infinity Ward was never going to recapture the magic of the original Modern Warfare, but this is still their most memorable Call of Duty game of the past decade. This is a bold new spin that’s uneven in places, but proves there is still room for innovation within that core template.

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