Kingpin: Reloaded revealed by 3D Realms for PC and consoles

3D Realms has announced a remastered edition of the 1999 game Kingpin with the reveal of Kingpin: Reloaded. The first person shooter is about a low-level thug who is beaten up by one of the Kingpin’s lieutenants. Kingpin runs the show in this gangland but your character decides it’s time to seek revenge for the beating and being left with nothing.

Kingpin: Reloaded will support 4K visuals and 60 fps. This release will feature both the classic version of Kingpin as well as the enhanced edition with the visuals getting polished. There will also be ultrawide support and a new quest system. Kingpin: Reloaded will be available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch with release expected at some point this year.

Source: Youtube

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  1. Unless there’s something I’m missing the screenshots on 3DRealms website look awful. It’s like they’ve taken the original models and just revised the textures. Seems to be the same low poly count for the characters.

    Be good if the old MP mods were ported across, always liked a bit of “Hitmen” :)

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