PlayStation Store kicks off Games Under €20/£16 sale

The PlayStation Store’s January sale might be coming to an end today, but don’t worry, Sony have got another bunch of big savings to tempt you with. Starting today is the Games Under €20 sale (also known as Games Under £16 in the UK), running until 5th February and slashing prices of all manner of games until they’re £16 or less. Kind of does what it says on the tin, doesn’t it?

Key highlights include Concrete Genies for £15.99, Dangerous Driving for £12.99, Dark Souls III, Resi 7, and GT Sport for £12.99 each, The Last Guardian for £9.99, Star Trek: Bridge Crew for £8.99, and you really should have picked it up the last time it was this cheap, but Titanfall 2 for £3.99.


Head to the EU PlayStation Store to browse the Games Under £16 sale, or scroll down where we’ve got the full list and have filled in a few of the prices for you:

Source: EU PS Blog, HUKD

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  1. Thanks for the heads up – i just realised the Jan sale was about to end (at noon) and i needed to grab Ark Survival Evolved before it did!

    • Doesn’t the sale end at 11:59 PM? The usual attempt to stop people getting confused by whether noon or midnight are AM or PM? Make it 11:59 so it’s absolutely clear which it is.

      Obviously they’ve failed there ;)

      • It finished at 11:59PM tonight… which is says quite clearly on the store pages of the games on sale, and on our January Sale news stories.

        So, uh… I think you got a bit confused, TSBonyman.

      • Yeah, i panicked when i realised i hadn’t grabbed the game yet, and i’m at work so i only had a quick glance. Still, best get in there ‘early’ to be sure ;)

  2. Absolutely nothing of interest for me there thankfully!

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