The Last of Us Part 2 PC rumours spring from new job listing

After last week’s news that we may soon be seeing the much celebrated Horizon: Zero Dawn arrive on PCs, another PlayStation exclusive could potentially follow suit.

That’s the conclusion some internet sleuths have come to after scouring a new job listing posted by The Last of Us Part II developer, Naughty Dog.

The job posting specifically refers to Sony’s upcoming survival horror sequel, highlighting several desirable skills linked to PC game development including a “thorough understanding of current GPU architectures (AMD GCN, NVIDIA CUDA)” and “Experience with DirectX12, Vulkan or other modern graphics or compute APIs”. It also mentions “Console or PC programming experience”.

This is in no way confirmation that a PC version of The Last of Us Part II is in the pipeline. This rumour is most likely gaining traction due to Kotaku’s recent report in which several trusted insider sources have confirmed that Horizon: Zero Dawn is making its way to PC.

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Although there are plenty of PC gamers keen to see Sony’s exclusives make the jump from console to PC, this move doesn’t fit with the platform holder’s current strategy. With the PlayStation 4 continuing to assert its dominance within the console market, Sony has little to gain from publishing its games elsewhere. It’s hard to imagine the PS4 being where it is now if hits such as God of War, Spider-Man, and the aforementioned Horizon: Zero Dawn hadn’t launched exclusively for the system.

However, there’s nothing stopping Sony from changing its plans in the future. Recent leadership changes, Microsoft’s multi platform stance, and the steady approach of a new generation could see Sony potentially shake things up.

The company will surely be banking on upcoming exclusives to shift PS5 consoles this holiday season though releasing these games on PC a year or so after their initial launch isn’t completely out of the question.

The Last of Us Part II will be released on PlayStation 4 on May 20th. Let’s hope we’re not due for another big delay or summer 2020 could be pretty dry.

Source: Dexerto, Naughty Dog

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  1. Well. PC programming experience is very broad and can still be used even for projects for the PS4. Remember that the PS5 is on its way and there is no talk yet about what framework is going to be used to develop games for it.

  2. This is hardly an indication of it coming to PC, as these qualifications could easily fall under PlayStation production.
    I really hope that it doesn’t turn out this way, otherwise my gaming days are coming to an end; with no exclusives on PlayStation the magic is gone and I’m never going down the PC road.

    • Why would a game being available on PC remove the magic of a game? Do you not play third party cross-platform games? Either way, the move certainly wouldn’t force you to play on a PC…

      • People should come to the PlayStation realm to play their self developed games – not the other way around. If everything is available everywhere then it’s just some random mini-market.

  3. Who knows what hardware they will be running for the future of ps now. I’m sure Sony wants the freedom to move to the best bang for buck as they see fit in the next 6 years or so.
    As far as dx12 support, could be for the sake of general knowledge of graphic api’s required.

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