Shenmue III update 1.04 lets you skip more conversations – read the patch notes here

Shenmue III was quite the fan pleaser when it released back in November, finally answering the decades long call for a sequel and continuation to the cult classic Dreamcast games. Update 1.04 is out now with a handful of bug fixes and tweaks – there’s literally a bullet point in the patch notes that says “other minor bug fixes” – but the biggest point is a quality of life change so that players can now skip initial conversations.

Given that Shenmue III will have you wandering around talking to a lot of people, as Ryu tries to find the next person, place or thing that he needs to progress his journey, you can often find yourself wandering interacting with random NPCs and getting the same kinds of answers over and over again. It can get quite repetitive. This update lets you skip past that the first time as well, and is sure to be a boon for anyone who’s barmy enough to be doing a speed run of the game.


Speaking of running, YS Net announced the series’ first ever DLC last week, Battle Rally. It’s out today (the update will also be adding support for the DLC), and is described as a “race unlike any other”, as you race through a course that also includes head to head battles against the other competitors. Naturally you’ll be able to play as the story’s main hero, Ryo Hazuki, but can also choose to run around as the treasure-seeking Wuying Ren or Ryo’s sparring partner Wei Zhen, who’s making her first appearance in this game.

Battle Rally is out today for both PS4 and PC (via the Epic Games Store), setting you back £6.49.

Here’s the Version 1.04 patch notes, for your pleasure:

General Updates

  • Players can now skip initial conversations.
  • Backer content fixes
  • Event control fixes (Fixed issues which stops game progress when multiple events happen simultaneously at certain timings.)
  • Fixed background collisions which makes players get stuck.
  • Fixed certain localization texts.


  • Adjusted balances for certain skills.


  • Adjusted the fishing point of the green catfish in Bailu.
  • Fixed a bug where the camera cannot be controlled in the lucky hit minigame.
  • Adjusted the wage amount per cargo in the forklift minigame.
  • Fixed purchase prices of items which were incorrect.


  • Other minor bug fixes.

Source: Backer email

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