Rise of Skywalker content coming to Star Wars Battlefront 2 next week

EA DICE has announced that more Rise of Skywalker tie-in content will be rolling out next week for Star Wars Battlefront with two new playable heroes on the way.

The game’s Community Lead, Ben Walke, confirmed the news via Twitter while also revealing three new Capital Supremacy maps which will feature the Resistance MC85 ship as well as the First Order Star Destroyer.

Of course, Battlefront’s two newest heroes are bound to get a lot of attention from fans. BB8 and his evil BB9-E counterpart are both being added to the roster next week and certainly stand out from the current cast of Sith, Jedi, smugglers, and bounty hunters.

The two droids are obviously a lot smaller than your regular troops and if we’re going by the recent movie trilogy, they won’t have many offensive options available to them. Instead, we’ll likely see them rolling in and out of enemy lines, disrupting and shocking ground troops while also disabling gear and vehicles. 

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We won’t know exactly how they play until next week (hopefully EA DICE will upload a gameplay preview beforehand). One thing that has been confirmed is their fast movement speed and jumping, which the developer has compared to the Droideka when in ball mode.

This upcoming content drop follows last month’s arrival of Ajan Koss as well as several new reinforcement classes and Rise of Skywalker cosmetics. This new planet, along with Jakku and Takodana, will soon join the Capital Supremacy playlist.

This objective based mode was introduced to Star Wars Battlefront II last year and in some ways echoes the kind of match types we’re used to seeing in DICE’s Battlefield series. 

Two teams will vye five control zones scattered across a huge map and when one of them reaches the required number of points, they are beamed up to the enemy’s capital ship. It’s during this phase that they can secure a win by pushing forward and destroying the ship’s reactors. If they fail to do so within the time period, both teams are beamed back down to the planet until one ship falls.

Star Wars Battlefront II recently marked its second anniversary with the release of a Celebration Edition, which came tagged with a huge array of skins and other cosmetics.

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