What We Played #434 – Captain Tsubasa, The Witcher 3 & The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

Somehow we’ve made it through a week in the games industry without a big hoo-hah. Don’t worry though, as I’m sure one is brewing just round the corner. While we all wait for the inevitable tidal wave of hatred or gross ineptitude, we do at least have some games to play.

I’m currently hard at work on reviewing Journey to the Savage Planet, a space exploration game that I can’t tell you anything about until Monday (that’s a 2pm embargo, fans!). Besides that I’ve played yet more Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, as it’s the game that keeps on giving. I’ve also been thinking of returning to Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate afterwards for a change of pace, but it may just be easier to go back to Monster Hunter Generations. Not that I have a problem at all. No, it’s the monsters that have the problem.

Nick P was the first to drop in this week and he, perhaps unwisely, started two very long Japanese games: Judgment and Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore. He’s at least having fun with them saying, “I’m enjoying them both very much but feel starting two lengthy games at once might have been a mistake.”

Keeping his coins untossed, Nic B has returned to The Witcher 3 and thus Gwent. “A fair amount of Gwent. One might say I Gwent to Vizima to collect some cards. My work here is done. Toss a pun to your editor, oh meme of plenty.” If you can imagine us using a stick to drag Nic off stage now, you’re about right.

Aran has been playing more Mass Effect Andromeda and is on a mission to complete all of the tasks, saying “The story has kind of grabbed me but there are some very similar beats to the original trilogy hitting here.” He’s also checking out Stories Untold on the Switch, marvelling at how scary some of those tales could actually be, especially with a pair of headphones in tow.

For some reason Jim decided to go back and play Middle-earth: Shadow of War after the ditching the game post-launch. “I hoovered up all the remaining collectibles while wading knee-deep into the Nemesis system and Siege battles to grab that platinum trophy!” That’s not all he did though, continuing “I also bagged a copy of Hitman 2 for a fiver so have been rinsing that this week. As much as I enjoyed the original and how jaw-droppingly stylish these games are, the downtime spent waiting for things to happen in each little sandbox definitely drags.”

Tef visited Bandai Namco earlier this week and, amongst other things, played a bit of Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions. It’s shaping up to be a good bit of fun, if his preview’s anything to go by! Less fun was Rugby 20, though he kind of wants to keep playing it through the wonkiness of the gameplay. He’s weird.

Jason also played Captain Tsubasa, but has mostly started playing EDF 5 again on PC. “I love it, it loves me. It’s kind of perfect. I think that’s it though. Been a busy one.” That’s fair. He did also review the rather good The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, which looks like one to bookmark for all PSVR owners.

Dr Steve has been making his way through Bookbound Brigade on PC with a little Doom and SteamWorld Dig on the side. He’s still waiting for the start of term mania to calm down. Tuffcub meanwhile has played Destiny 2 but under the influence of alcohol to mix things up. Sounds more like the activities of an Asgardian than a Guardian.

Besides being very jealous of all the boys playing Captain Tsubasa, Miguel really lucked out when his cousin basically gave him his Oculus Rift, “I’ve spent the week learning the ins and outs of that thing and setting it up. Played some VRChat, played a bunch of Beat Saber. Played The Lab.”

Sounds like he’s had quite the time, but he’s also dabbled with a little bit of Grandia 2, Borderlands 3 and the third-person mode in Apex Legends.

Wait, it looks like I spoke too soon. Thanks Psyonix!

Oh well, what have you played this week?

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  1. Forgot to post last week. Which was a shame, because that was 2 platinums in a week, which was nice. Picked up the Persona Dancing collection while it was on sale. Fun games, but maybe a little bit too easy. Did 3 and 5, now I’m on 4 which takes longer due to having a big long story.

    Then I thought I’d finish of Middle-Earth: Shadow of War before it gets removed from PS Now. Which I kind of did. Epilogues don’t count, do they? It was all fun until that bit. That just got too annoying.

    Plus plenty of Days Gone, which seems to go on forever, but I don’t care. Just enjoying it.

    Oh, and EA Access added something, so I thought I’d give that a go. Sea of Solitude. A mix of many things, all done fairly badly. With crap voice acting. And some characters that look like rejects from a Kingdom Hearts game. Not entirely sure why, but they do.

  2. Played Lego Batman 2 DC Super Heroes and got the platinum this morning which brings it up to 412
    This weekend will be Shadow of the Tomb Raider to make it to 413th xD
    I might play Hellblade or Just Cause 4…. but I was so excited that I finally got Reaident Evil 3 Collector’s Edition pre-ordered and been feeling the mood to either play RE3 on PS1 or the PS3 or just play RE2 Remake xD cannot wait for 3rd April!

  3. Working on my backlog, before I will have to stack the PS5 somewhere between my PS3 and my PS4, or on top of these, I returned to my PS3, playing Metro Last Light, which I got with Plus ages ago. It reminded me of when I was younger and tended to play simpler, more shooter-oriented games. I found it quite refreshing, it has some nice gameplay mechanics in there, even though the novelty of suffocating due to running out of gas mask filters wore off after a couple of dozen times.
    But the best thing was that it is quite linear and I had not to worry about (or get bored by) a huge but ultimately pointless open world with endless side-quests. So I played through it, finished the rubbish story, and, as it always happens to me, I got the bad ending (probably for not having taken part in enough snowball fights throughout the game).

  4. It’s been about seven months since I played any games and over a year since I enjoyed one but these last few weeks I’ve been enjoying Fallen Order. It took me a while to get into the rhythm of the combat, I’m still rubbish and parrying but getting by with blocks and dodges. The exploring is a lot of fun, very simple really but pleasingly old school. Not a revolutionary game in any way and that’s a disappointment, after this long it would’ve been good to have something as standout as Jedi Knight 2 or KOTOR, but its a good Star Wars story which is keeping me happy.

  5. I’m still enjoying Squeeze of the Tomb Raider, shimmying through gap after gap after gap in my quest for adventure and hidden treasure.
    I’ve also started a new playthrough of Alienation – and begun a career in Dirt 4 which i grabbed in the sale t’other day.

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