Apex Legends Season 4 – Assimilation launch trailer introduces Revenant properly

After a brilliantly well executed character reveal bait and switch, Apex Legends Season 4 – Assimilation’s launch trailer is here ahead of its 4th February start date. Within it gives us more details of the villainous new character Revenant and just why he’s targeting Hammond Robotics.


Revenant was revealed as the new character coming to Apex Legends in a surprise twist earlier this week, when he assassinated the “People’s Champion” Jimmie “Forge” McCormick, who had been previously announced at Season 4’s new character. Relive the moment here:

So Forge is dead and buried now and the long-teased Revenant will be taking his place in the Apex Legends roster instead when Season 4 gets under way. The new season will also see plenty going on elsewhere in the game, with Hammon Robotics worksites appearing on World’s Edge, and a new weapon, the bolt-action Sentinel sniper rifle.

Oh, and there will obviously be a new Battle Pass with over 100 new items to earn including Legendary skins, Apex Packs, new loading screens, music and more. Alongside that will be Ranked Series 3, with new 6 week splits to separate the wheat from the chaff and a new Master Tier to aim for by the top 500 players on each platform.

Season 4 will be kicking off on the one year anniversary of Apex Legends’ launch with a special reward on that day for all players. Even the game’s release was handled with a bit of surprise, as Respawn Entertainment announced and launched the game at the same time. Though it had long been rumoured that they were working on a battle royale game, it was largely kept under wraps until they were ready to take the genre by storm, helping to redefine team play and with its own unique flavour.

Backed up by sponsored streamers spreading the word, it quickly picked up 10 million, then 25 million and then 50 million players through its first month. That was all before its first season even started, with Respawn settling into a regular cadence since then.

One year on, and it looks like they’re not finished with surprising people.

Source: press release

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