For Honor Year 4 promises big focus on story and competitive play

After announcing that For Honor would continue into 2020 with another year of new content, Ubisoft has finally revealed more details about what to expect.


Dubbed the “Year of Reckoning” these next twelve months will see the flagship fighting game undergo some interesting changes that are bound to please For Honor’s zealous fanbase.

First off there will be an even bigger focus on lore and storytelling than in previous seasons. Don’t mistake this for a new solo/co-op campaign – instead Ubisoft will be weaving in narrative elements as players create their own legends over the course of the upcoming in-game seasons. Here’s the backdrop:

Season 1 “Hope” starts as the cataclysm that had been afflicting the world of For Honor seems to be coming to an end. Amidst the chaos and after years of unrelenting war, the Heroes of For Honor will need a new reason to fight.

Another change coming is the introduction of a battle pass. It’s a common feature we see in just about every multiplayer game and now For Honor is looking to use that same model to enrich your online experience. Levelling up your battle pass will unlock season specific rewards with a premium option available for those who want to get their hands on the more bougie items being added.

Since day one, we’ve been enamoured with the design and detail that goes into the armour and weapon sets for each playable hero – throughout Year 4 Ubisoft will be adding even more gear options.

Coming into 2020, the developer now seems much more committed to growing For Honor’s competitive scene. Official tournaments will be held throughout the year with 4v4 Domination being the game mode of choice. The chances of For Honor blossoming into another Rainbow Six sized esport seems very unlikely though it’s great to see Ubisoft pushing to get more people interested in competitive play.

Ubisoft didn’t share any details regarding For Honor’s pair of new heroes. What we do know is that one will arrive this summer, the other planned for the end of the year.

Source: Press Release

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