Platinum Games launches a teaser site simply called Four

Platinum Games has launched a brand new teaser site today with the number four predominantly displayed in the centre of the page. Alongside the number are four instances of the Platinum Games logo. Every so often the page will glitch and distort before going back to the same image. The whole page is in a black, white and grey colour scheme which could be a hint to the project the studio is working on. Nier jumps to mind but there have only been two Nier titles released.

However, it may not be related to that franchise at all. Each of the four instances of the studio’s logo could instead be a separate game reveal. Platinum Games may be gearing up to announce four titles in one swoop. Some speculation is suggesting a port of the Wii U title The Wonderful 101 as one of the titles but we have yet to see any concrete evidence of that. Platinum Games may wait a day or so to reveal everything or the studio could start confirming things in a matter of hours.

The studio is best known for Bayonetta, the Nier: Automata, Vanquish, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and Astral Chain. The studio was also working on Scalebound for Xbox One but that was cancelled by Microsoft.

Source: Platinum Games

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