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Dreams full version will unlock early for some players

After years of waiting, we’ll finally be getting our hands on Media Molecule’s latest PlayStation title next Friday. However, the developer has announced that some players will unlock the full version of Dreams ahead of it Valentine’s Day launch date.

Taking to the Official PlayStation Blog, MM announced that anyone who purchased Dreams while it was in early access will get the full game from 12PM, February 11th.

Exactly how “full” Dreams will be at launch is something we’ve been trying to pin down for a while now. Players will be able to experiment with the game’s creation tools and share what they’ve made with the community, though many have been waiting to see what Media Molecule themselves have been working on.

It looks as though we’re about to find out with “Art’s Dream” being playable as of next week. Here’s what you can expect:

This feature film length adventure follows former jazz musician Art as he dreams about his life, past and present, and realises he needs to make amends with his fellow bandmates.

The journey takes him through a series of dream-like situations involving him and a whole cast of wonderful fantasy characters, such as D-Bug, a helpful little robot with an electric personality and Frances, a hammer wielding teddy bear. Will he get his shot at redemption, or will his dreams become nightmares?

In tandem, Media Molecule will be adding a Art’s Dream creation kit to the game, allowing players to take assets such as objects and characters and place them in their own games, movies, art pieces etc.

The full version of Dreams also comes with some other tweaks and updates.  These include a introduction to the game’s Homespace with improvements to the user interface, making it easier to browse creation while Dreamsurfing.

For creators, Media Molecule has continued to make many under the hoods adjustments, including better thermometer tools, allowing you to see which parts of a creation are using up the most space.

Source: Official PlayStation Blog

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