The Outer Worlds Switch release delayed due to coronavirus outbreak

Private Division has released an update about the Nintendo Switch port of The Outer Worlds, which is being handled by the Virtuous team in China. The port has been delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak which has seen the development team unable to go into work, this being a result of Chinese authorities placing movement restrictions in place and the general anxious environment in China.


Private Division has stated that the Virtuous team members are fine, but are unable to work. As there is no way to really determine when the situation will improve neither Private Division nor Virtuous can comment on a new release date for the Switch version of The Outer Worlds.

In our review for The Outer Worlds Gareth wrote:

The Outer Worlds is the game that fans have wanted Obsidian Entertainment to make for the better part of a decade. The story is the main attraction here, with Obsidian’s witty writing coming to the fore in an interesting and funny interstellar setting. If that’s what you look for in your RPGs, The Outer Worlds will not disappoint.

You can read the full The Outer Worlds review here.

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  1. Puts things into perspective really. There’s considerably more important things in the world than video games. Sadly I can imagine a few comments on certain sites going to town on this. Thankfully TSA community seems very level headed and reasonable which is why this I the only site I (rarely) comment on.

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