Look behind the scenes of historical strategy game Humankind

After almost a decade of sci-fi and fantasy takes on the turn-based 4X genre, Amplitude’s next game, Humankind, is heading into more historical territory. Hoping to put a new spin on a setting that has been dominated by the Civilization series, they’ve kicked off a new series of dev diaries to go behind the scenes on how the game is being made.


This first video is a more overarching view of the game’s origins – appropriately it’s titled “Origins” – speaking to how they’re trying to take the depth and breadth of human history and cultural evolution through thousands of years and let you play with them in myriad different ways. It’s intended to be built on historically accurate foundations, but for you to then meddle and blend them together, creating alternate histories.

The dev diaries will be released on a fortnightly basis, with the next episode set to dig into the world’s terrain, with different biomes, elevations and natural wonders, all of which will play into a more tactical approach to the game’s strategy.

Humankind will be coming out for PC sometime in 2020.

Source: press release

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