Wargroove: Double Trouble free co-op campaign update out now

Chucklefish’s turn-based strategy game Wargroove is suddenly quite a bit beefier, thanks to the Double Trouble update that’s out right now for Switch, Xbox One and PC, and “coming soon” to PS4. It brings new commanders, new units, new biomes and maps, and a whole new co-op campaign.


Depending on your point of view, the biggest new feature in Wargroove: Double Trouble is a whole new co-op story campaign, based around the new playable Outlaw faction.

After an unexpected kidnapping and some severe ransom demands, your group of rogues have no choice but to perform the biggest heist that Aurania has ever seen…

But do you have the strategic chops to get the job done?

Of course, a new faction means new Commanders, and there’s a trio of new rogues – Wulfar, Errol and Orla, and Vesper – each with their own Groove ability. And, they wouldn’t really be Outlaws if you couldn’t have new Thief unites to ransack enemy gold, while Riflemen are a new ranged opition.

The upgrade doesn’t end there, with more Arcade missions and competitive online Quick Play maps, and a new Volcano theme. You’ve got more options in the custom Map, Campaign and Cutscene Editor tools, like unit modifiers, metalocations, gizmos and counters. And there’s now both public and private multiplayer lobbies, to help boost the online community.

Dom reviewed the game back for its original release, saying “In a world bereft of a new Advance Wars, Wargroove is a worthy successor. Its fantasy retro strategy stylings mark it out as a wonderful amalgamation of the classic Fire Emblem and Wars games, and while it doesn’t revolutionise the genre in the way that the modern Fire Emblem games have it nails the feel of Intelligent System’s best games – while standing proudly on its own.”

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