What We Played #436 – Beat Saber, Kentucky Route Zero & Zombie Army 4: Dead War

It’s Friday! Having kissed Thursday goodbye, and just as we’re ready to dive into the loving arms of Saturday and the weekend, now’s the perfect time to talk about those games we’ve played this past week.

It’s been a hodgepodge of stuff for me, driven in some small way by checking out Nvidia’s Geforce Now streaming service, jumping into Call of Duty WWII to try it out, as its been idly waiting on my Steam account for me to look at. I’ve quite enjoyed it so far, even if it is mostly ‘run towards this barn or bunker full of Germans and see them off’ over and over again. I’ve also reviewed Patapon 2 Remastered, and The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics, started on AO Tennis 2, and tried to finish off Shadow of the Tomb Raider before it disappears from Xbox Game Pass. Oh, there’s also been some Monster Hunter World in there too. Obviously

Jason is first up this week and he’s mostly been playing Hades, “which is an excellent roguelike that also embodies the idea of being horny on main.” He’s also played Legends of Runeterra, which is “less horny but still good.” Jim meanwhile wrapped Hitman 2 up earlier this week, saying “while I definitely enjoyed it, what I wouldn’t give for fast forward/rewind feature. It’s a fascinating, incredibly stylish game though one that can’t quite find that sweet spot between hand-holding the player and letting them experiment fully.” He’s also been tearing his way through Final Fantasy VII ahead of the remake, and would you know, he loves the ability to fast forward. “Being able to speed up battles by 3 times the speed definitely helps, not to mention giving yourself unlimited HP/MP/Limit Break.” I’m sure you’ll all agree that sounds like cheating.

Tuffcub surprises none of us having been playing Destiny 2. However, he’s also been playing a load of Beat Sabre, and a little mobile game called Archero which has become his go-to game for playing on his commute. “I might try and play some new games at some point” he says, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

It’s been more of Mass Effect Andromeda for Aran. “Think I’m on the last planet so will mop up all the quests there and check back on the others before going full throttle through the main story line”. He’s also played Kentucky Route Zero for review, and made a start on PS+ freebie Sims 4 too.

Steve’s not had a lot of gaming time this week due to illness and lecture writing, but he’s plugged away at the “nicely diverting” Skylink and started the creepy Simulacra 2 on his phone. “I’m hoping all this actual work will pause and give me some quality gaming time soon,” he says, but we all know being an adult sucks, so send him all your best wishes.

Gareth has played some Neverwinter Nights for review, an hour of Beat Saber over the weekend, and thirty minutes of Bioshock Infinite yesterday, which all seems very precise and scheduled. We love a bit of accuracy. Nic B should have probably looked up an accurate runtime for The Witcher 3, as he’s only just worked out that it’s a long haul of a game. Never mind mate, we’ll see you in a month or two.

Continuing the VR love-in, Miguel has been dabbling in PC VR stuff with an Oculus Rift setup he was gifted – lucky sod. “Beat Saber continues to be amazing, and Asgards Wrath is pretty interesting. I’ve also been playing some Rune Factory 4 Special aaaaand my fair, VERY fair share of that Monster Hunter crossover event in Dragalia Lost.”

Finally, Tef cut a path through all those pesky Nazi zombies for our Zombie Army 4: Dead War review earlier this week, and has picked up his Switch to play the melancholic childhood adventure Knights & Bikes.

So, that’s us! What about you? Played anything good?

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  1. I finished off Days Gone and got the Platinum, which wasn’t too difficult. Hordes were kind of terrifying at the start, and then lots of fun at the end chucking napalm at them and mowing them down with guns. Bonus points for a massive map that somehow doesn’t feel too huge, and some nice weather effects at times. And a story that generally doesn’t try to be too big. Maybe loses a point for Annoying Stealth Sections.

    Some fun online with the usual suspects. Bit of PvZ (got 1 trophy to get still, which might take a while), some Battlefield V (loving the new map) and some VR chaos with Honor & Duty: D-Day (which is promising a big graphics update late this month).

    Bit of a grind to get the 3rd Platinum of the Persona Dancing collection. Number 4 has a long and silly story, followed by a big grind. But it’s the most fun to play with some of the songs being quite fast and having a lot more odd timings to deal with. I’ll get that last trophy soon enough.

    Oh, and Journey to the Savage Planet is very silly and lots of fun. Seems worryingly short though. And the little adverts are very amusing. Cucumber shitwater indeed.

  2. Worked a little on my backlog playing Dishonored on my PS3, and as it is quite good, I wanted to get the sequel, which was only about 5 pounds in the sale. But I missed the sale by a couple of hours, and that helped my backlog. Overall, I was still seriously kept from gaming by watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (5th season), and I recommend the series to everyone with only the slightest Marvel itch.

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