[UPDATE] Destiny 2 offline till 3AM, characters to be rolled back as Hotfix breaks the game

UPDATE: Oh dear. Bungie are having my rollbacks than ASDA. 7PM PST is 3AM GMT by calculations so if you are in the UK I would recommend playing something else tonight.


Original story below….

“Baring any last minute hiccups Destiny 2 Hotfix should be available to download on all platforms at 5pm GMT today, Tuesday 11th February,” I wrote just a few hours ago, thus tempting the gods to screw up my carefully scheduled posts, and they have.

Well, Bungie have, Hotfix has broken the game and it seems to be a re-occurrence of the issue from a few weeks ago when the hotfix deleted currencies from the game. Try to access the game now and you get a message explaining that “Destiny 2 servers are not available”.

Last time this happened they had to roll everyone’s characters back to a backup from a few hours before the hotfix was placed. Talking of the hotfix, here’s what it should of done.



Iron Banner
  • Added a Triumph to track Iron Banner Packages earned in Season 9. This will retroactively count all packages already earned this season.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Efrideet’s Gift Triumph from completing when players earned 50 Iron Banner packages in Season 9. This is retroactive
  • Fixed an issue where resetting your Infamy rank could reset progress on the “Get Closer” pursuit. This is retroactive, and will auto-complete for any players that has already been above Mythic this season.


  • Fixed an issue where Solar Class emotes were incorrectly priced. Emotes will now be correctly priced at 500 Silver, and the carousel will be visible once more.

One thing that is not fixed, but many players including myself have noticed, is that loading in to the Tower now takes much longer. The game seems to be setting up a new instance of the Tower and adding in eighteen or so players all at once. That slows down the loading process and what used to take thirty seconds can now take there or four minutes. Bungie are aware of the issue and are investigating.

When the game comes back online the Crimson Days event should have started.

Crimson Doubles returns to the Crucible during the event, bringing explosive 2v2 combat to the fold. Stay close to your partner: you’ll each have heightened ability regen as long as you retain your Crimson Bond. If you stray too far away from each other, opponents will be able to see your every move. If you’d rather take your partner out for a stroll in one of Destiny 2’s PvE activities, Shaxx will offer bounties for you to complete in a two-person fireteam.

As you complete Crimson Doubles matches and bounties, you and your partner will be showered in delicious candy hearts. To sweeten the deal, Daily and Weekly bounties will offer double XP. Bright Dust will also be rewarded when completing your weekly bounties.

We will update this post when the game is back online.

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