Satisfactory adds pipes in Update 3, coming soon to Steam Early Access

Coffee Stain’s first person factory-building sim Satisfactory is receiving a major new Update 3 for the game today, as it continues on its production line through Early Access on the Epic Games Store. But wait! It’s not just Epic customers that will have early access, because the game will also be shedding its storefront exclusivity and is coming soon to Steam Early Access.


That’s right, hot on the heels of Metro Exodus, Satisfactory is coming to Steam Early Access, and just as with Metro you could probably put a safe bet on that occuring on 19th March, the one year anniversary of its first appearance on Epic Games Store. Of course, the twist here is that the game is still in Early Access with Coffee Stain adding more and more features as they go.

The next big step for the game is Update 3, which introduces a new starting area in the remade Dune Desert, and rebalances the game in general. Oh, and there’s now pipes in the game.

No. Not that kind of pipes, the other kind of pipes. Sure to be a real fan pleaser pipes will let you get away from placing conveyor belts and just stream liquids like oil and water from one plant to another without having to shove it in barrels first. You’ll have new Pipes & Flow Indicators, Pipe Pumps, Fluid Tanks for Trains and a new Oil Refinery to tinker with. Meanwhile, a new Resource Sink also ensures that you can keep production rolling by turning any excess inventory into coupons to spend on your factory. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to Futurama it up with new Hypertubes as a way of piping yourself around the factory.

Having long resisted the introduction of pipes, Community Manager Jace Varlet admitted defeat, saying, “Pipes are, unfortunately, the star of this show. I have been meme-tormenting our community for over 1.5 years while doing everything I can to stave off the inclusion of pipes. I resorted to blackmail, conspiracy, and anonymous threats within the company but alas, pipes managed to claw its way into an otherwise perfect video game. All I wanted was to be happy. Community 1 – Jace 0.”

Other improvements include plenty new models in the game, the earliest implementation of a dynamic wind system, and a tweak to Jump Pads so they now affect creatures and physical objects as well as players. It’ll be handy being able to crouch and slide in the new update, what with all the bouncing fauna arcing into your base…

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