The Division 2 Warlords of New York announced, launches next month

Ubisoft has announced its first major expansion for loot shooter sequel, The Division 2. Launching next month, Warlords of New York will take fans back to where it all started as Agents return to NYC.


Set eight months after the initial outbreak, you are once again on the hunt for main antagonist, Aaron Keener: a hunt that will see you clash with his newly appointed Warlords who have lower Manhattan in their grasp.

The expansion will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on March 3rd. Unlike previous content drops (Episodes 1, 2, and 3) Warlords is paid for DLC and will cost 30 Euros for those who own The Division 2, 40 Euros for both, and 60 Euros for the “Ultimate” Div 2 bundle that also packs in extra goodies from the Year 1 Pass.

Despite being a continuation of the series’ overarching plot line, you don’t need to have finished The Division 2 to access this newest chapter. Hell, you don’t even need to have played it at all. There will be an option to skip your way straight to Warlords of New York and generate an Agent ready for duty.

There are some pretty significant changes here compared to the game’s other post-launch content drops. Warlords opens up a huge new area of Manhattan that is covered in a fog of war, allowing you to go wherever you want without areas being barred off by level or gear score requirements.

There’s a bigger emphasis on narrative and set piece action here as well, especially when it comes to boss encounters. Fans of the original game should expect to see some familiar faces with returning characters and factions confirmed.

The current level cap will be rising from 30 to 40 too, Massive promising a considerable overhaul to The Division 2’s endgame. On top of that, expect four new skills – each one belonging to the four titular Warlords of New York.

That’s not all. A battle pass will be making its way to The Division 2 with live in-game seasons giving players even more to do with unlockable rewards up for grabs.

The Division 2 is coming into its second year all guns blazing with new content and updates catering to every type of player. We’ll have more on Warlords of New York in the near future.

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