Sakura Wars release date has been confirmed for April

Last March, SEGA announced Project Sakura Wars which would be a new entry in the series after a long absence in the West. At the time the publisher confirmed that the game would be arriving at some point in 2020. Today, SEGA has confirmed that the release date for Sakura Wars will be April 28th for PS4.


The RPG/visual novel title has been designed for new entrants to the series as well as long term fans with this Sakura Wars title acting as a new beginning for the franchise. Producer Tetsu Katano had the following to say about the announcement:

“We’d like users to experience the detailed movements and expressions of the characters through cut-scenes, and of course would like them to enjoy the story where users sometimes have intimate communications with the girls to build a stronger bond. A number of famous creators also joined the team, such as Kohei Tanaka, who has composed a number of music scores for decades including the Sakura Wars theme song, and Tite Kubo, who designed the main characters.”

The story follows Seijuro Kamiyama who is the captain of the Imperial Combat Revue Flower Division, which in peacetime is a troupe of actors. However, peacetime is coming to an end as demons begin an attack, so the Flower Division needs to be trained up and ready to fight or get shut down by the higher powers for not meeting standards.

Inbound Games is handling the localisation process for Sakura Wars. The company has previously worked on localisation efforts for the Yakuza franchise, Valkyria Chronicles, and Binary Domain. The launch version of Sakura Wars will include a sticker set and reversible artwork too.

Source: PS Blog

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