Rainbow Six Siege Void Edge teaser introduces Iana and Oryx

Ubisoft has given Rainbow Six Siege fans their first look at Iana and Oryx, the first two operators being added to the game in 2020 as part of Operation: Void Edge.


Since its launch more than four years ago, Siege has been supported with regular seasonal updates adding new content and features alongside an increasing number of themed events.

The team at Ubisoft Montreal are likely to continue this trend into Year 5, this cinematic teaser showing a glimpse at what’s to come.

Typically, each season comes tagged with two fresh playable Operators as well as a new map. That said, the past the three seasons have seen previously maps being reworked instead, making them more viable for competitive play.

So, what can we glean from the teaser above? First off, it’s evident that the art and narrative teams over at Ubisoft Montreal are starting to flex their creative muscles some, no doubt wanting to kick off Year 5 with a fascinating pair of Operators.

Narrated by the head of Rainbow Six, Dr. Harry Pandey, we’re introduced to a brutish new character charging down a corridor before breaking through a stone wall, then wandering into the desert (presumably somewhere in the Middle East). In complete contrast we also get a look at Y5S1’s other Operator – a mysterious white haired op who is seen drifting in space. At the very end of the teaser, we see them glowing yellow with a digital effect, no doubt hinting at their unique gadget.

Speaking of, Ubisoft has yet to confirm the abilities and loadouts of these new Operators. However, it’s fairly safe to assume that one will be on attack and the other on defence, though which one is which remains a mystery for now.

Well, for several more hours at least. As Siege fans will know, the Six Invitational finals are currently going down in Montreal, Ubisoft planning a full reveal of the new season later today. For more details on Oryx, Iana, and a potential new map be sure to tune in at 3:30 PM ET / 12:30 PM PT / 8:30 PM UK time. We’ll have all the details then.

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