Rainbow Six Siege Caveria Elite Skin out next week

It’s been an exciting weekend for Rainbow Six Siege fans. We’re now into our last day of the Six Invitational 20 with Spacestation due to go up against either Team SoloMid or Ninjas in Pyjamas to take home the top prize.


Even for those who don’t follow the esports side of Siege, there’s been plenty to discuss. Last night, Ubisoft Montreal officially revealed its first Season of Year 5 content, dubbed “Operation: Void Edge“. This includes two exciting new Operators Oryx and Iana, a rework of the Oregon map, and other gameplay improvements, all of which are due in March after hitting the Test Server.

As always, each new Season brings and new Elite Skin. These are Siege’s top-tier premium cosmetics, dressing our favourite Operators up in some fine new threads along with some other bonus goodies.

In the spotlight this Season we have Caveira. Her Elite Skin bundle include the Mata-Leão uniform, victory animation, gadget skin for her Luison’s Suppressor and weapon skins for the M12, SPAS-15 and Luison, as well as the Elite Caveira Chibi charm.

These items will be available from February 20th. Judging by previous Elite Skins, this one will set you back the standard 1,800 R6 Credits.

Here’s Caveira official bio entry:

Born seventh in a family of ten boys, Pereira had to be resourceful in order to get what she wants. Little of her childhood is known apart from the meager pension her mother received after her father died. She was six years old when the Pereira family was forced to move to a poor neighborhood in the outskirts of the São Paulo state. She only caught the authorities’ attention when she was 16, after her mother reported that she had been missing. A year later, Pereira was arrested miles away on robbery charges in Rio de Janeiro. Remaining poised and displaying intellect throughout the process, Pereira impressed the judge in charge of her case. He was lenient towards her age and character, which, he claimed, showed potential for socio-educational reform. He gave Pereira the choice between entering a juvenile reformatory (FEBEM) and working with BOPE in Rio de Janeiro. Sensing protection for her deviant predisposition, Pereira accepted to become a BOPE criminal informant.

Ubisoft has promised more Rainbow Six Siege reveals later today during a panel before the Six Invitational 2020 finals. You can watch the full thing live via Twitch – the panel is expected to start at 4:30PM local time / 9.30PM GMT UK time.

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