Tom Holland says the Uncharted movie will begin shooting in four weeks

It’s happening, people. After years and years of directors joining and leaving the project the Uncharted movie is going to start being filmed in four weeks. The information came from Tom Holland himself in an interview with IGN. Tom Holland is playing Nathan Drake while Mark Wahlberg is taking on the role of Sully. Of course, people will also be wondering what kind of inspiration the games themselves will be having on the movie. Tom gives some idea in the video below.


If you can’t watch that video then here’s the information. According to Tom, Uncharted 4 will give a lot of inspiration for the story but the film will very much be its own thing. As Tom is portraying a younger Nathan Drake in the movie this will be a prequel of sorts, which avoids the issue of having to adopt a game directly. Apparently, the stunt team is already on location in Berlin getting ready for filming there but this will be a globetrotting adventure.

A director is yet to be confirmed as so many have left but Ruben Fleischer, director of Zombieland: Double Tap and Venom, is thought to be taking the seat. Previous people attached to direct the project include Travis Knight, David O. Russell, Dan Trachtenberg, Shawn Levy, Seth Gordon, and Neil Burger. Each left for their own reason with Travis Knight apparently leaving due to Tom Holland’s own filming schedule clash.

The Uncharted movie has been in development for so long that Mark Wahlberg has gone from originally being considered to play Nathan Drake, and now he is Victor Sullivan. Sony recently announced it had pushed back the release date of the movie to March 2021 after previously announcing a December 2020 release date. With filming, post-production, marketing all needing time the new release date seems more doable.

Source: IGN 

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  1. With the route they’ve taken I was happy for it to stay in development hell tbh.

  2. “A director is yet to be confirmed”

    That’s probably because filming starts in 4 weeks, and that’s just enough time for about 6 more directors to be come and go. And they can probably squeeze in another delay or 2, and it’ll eventually end up going straight to Netflix in 2023.

    And having just got stuck into the remastered collection, the filming won’t go to plan because the cameraman won’t behave, and several actors will randomly jump off a low wall and drown. 14 times in a row. And then they’ll have to go and do it all again 6 times, because someone forgot to pick some sparkly shit up.

  3. Did anyone, ever, watch Sully in the games and think “Hmm, Mark Whalberg”?


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